Triton Triton (XTRI)

Cryptonight Lite V7
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Our mission is to become the preferred currency in the eSports and online content streaming industries. We will accomplish this by improving upon current mainstream products and processes that facilitate currency transactions.

AMD EPYC 7601 6,500 h/s AMD EPYC 7551 6,450 h/s AMD EPYC 7501 6,400 h/s Intel Xeon Pl 8180 5,100 h/s Intel Xeon 8180 5,000 h/s AMD EPYC 7451 4,860 h/s

Triton mining pools

Pool name Fee % Payout Miners Mh/s % Status Last check
Cryptoknight 0 1 0 0
Active 6 min ago Visit pool 0.8 10 0 0
Active 9 min ago Visit pool pplns 0 1 57 2.2
Active 4 min ago Visit pool
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Triton markets

Currently unknown. Please visit the Triton website and find out more.

Triton details

Block time: 180
Difficulty Algorithm: LWMA v3
Max Supply: 84,000,000
Algorithm: CN-Lite-V7
RPC Port: 9231
p2p Port: 9230



With Project Triton platforms – you can earn free digital cash to tip and support the eSports streamers you already watch, or get paid to play in an eSports tournament. 

How? Download and add our Neptune plugin to run on top of Twitch, Youtube, Mixer, or other streaming platforms you already use. Or, play games you love in a Proteus-supported tournament. These platforms use your computer’s spare processing power to perform cryptocurrency mining – paying you in Triton cryptocurrency to win tournaments or support streamers making content. 

Project Triton’s mission is to bring value to the eSports and online streaming industries by helping streamers and gamers save money, make money, and grow their brands. Triton can accomplish this by improving upon mainstream products that facilitate currency transactions.

What exactly is Triton cryptocurrency?

Triton (XTRI/TRIT) is a proof-of-work cryptocurrency based on a popular cryptocurrency called Monero. Proof-of-work means Triton is created according to a predetermined emissions curve as computers compete with computational power called mining, or ‘work,’ to secure the blockchain ledger that protects everyone’s Triton balances. The more powerful your computer, and the more time you spend mining, the more Triton you can earn. We designed Triton and our platforms specifically so that you can earn it while watching or playing eSports (online video games). Our platforms simply add a way to get paid in Triton cryptocurrency while you enjoy gaming. The coins are then stored in a Triton wallet.

What is Project Triton?

Project Triton is what we call the eSports platforms our team is building to run using Triton cryptocurrency. The first of these projects to launch will be the Neptune eSports streaming platform in Fall 2018; the Neptune Beta is already complete.

The next will be the Proteus Tournament system in 2019. While Project Triton utilizes the Triton cryptocurrency, these platforms mean that Triton is not a simple proof-of-work fork of the privacy coin Monero. Triton is a coin mined for use as pooled donations to support streaming content creators via Neptune, or as pooled rewards for competitive tournaments via Proteus. This is similar to the way Bit.Tube works by viewers mining TUBE cryptocurrency to pay video creators – except in the case of Neptune – our app runs in the browser on top of streaming platforms like Twitch, Youtube, and Mixer: the websites viewers and streamers already use.

AnnouncedFeb 2018
Forked from BCN
Block time180 sec
Last reward77.9
Current height65674
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