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What is CryptoNote? CryptoNote is an application layer protocol that powers several decentralized privacy oriented digital currencies. It aims to be an evolution of the ideas behind Bitcoin. The main difference between the two technologies is that Bitcoin (and most digital currencies) is less opaque than CryptoNote-based currencies due to the latter's blockchain being almost anonymous, contrary to non-Cryptonote blockchains. Unlike Bitcoin, CryptoNote's transactions cannot be followed through the blockchain in a way that reveals who sent or received coins. The approximate amount of a transaction can be known, but the origin, destination, or actual amount cannot be learned!
Electroneum Electroneum is a new cryptocurrency designed for the 2 billion + smart phone users. Mobile Mining, Easy Transfers, Online and Offline Wallets. Electroneum makes it easy to access and use a super secure cryptocurrency that has all of the benefits of Bitcoin and more. Transactions in Electroneum happen faster and are more anonymous. Electroneum protects your transaction history and wallet contents from prying eyes, whilst leaving publicly accessible transaction hashes available for the technically discerning to authenticate transactions. Read MoreWebsiteAnnouncementExplorer
Turtlecoin TurtleCoin is a fun, fast, and easy way to send money to friends and businesses. Coin was born December 9th, 2017. TurtleCoin is creating blocks every 30 seconds, as opposed to every 10 minutes. Your money travels 20x faster on TurtleCoin than on Bitcoin or BitcoinCash. TurtleCoin comes with its own basic CPU miner, but you can also use any Monero mining software you're used to if you'd rather use GPU's or mining pools. Read MoreWebsiteExplorer
Monero (XMR) Happy forkday! The scheduled MONERO network upgrade went successfully! (at block 1546000). Network rate take 12-24 hours to adjust. Major pools just saw huge hashrate drops!!! Update miners NOW! READ MORE

Monero (previously known as Bitmonero) is one of the first CryptoNote coins. It utilizes the same values every CryptoNote coin does – privacy, decentralization and fungibility. Monero development is community-driven, based on donations and with a focus on decentralization and scalability. Read MoreWebsiteAnnouncementExplorer
FantomCoin (FCN) Fantomcoin is the first CryptoNote currency with merged mining support. Users who mine Fantomcoin are also able to mine other CryptoNote-based coins without additional hash power. This feature allows user to receive not only FCNs but also any other CryptoNote-based currency. As the result, Fantomcoin encourages fair distribution and stabilization of the cryptocurrency market through diversification. Read MoreWebsiteAnnouncementExplorer
Quazar Coin (QCN) Quazarcoin is a CryptoNote-based coin, which has been launched as a result of community discussions. It has a flatter emission curve and fair, open launch to attract the wider community. QCN's developers focus on usability aspects of the currency. Its main contribution is the popularization of CryptoNote technology. Read MoreWebsiteAnnouncementExplorer
Dashcoin (DSH) Dashcoin is a cryptocurrency started on July 5, 2014. Dashcoin is a fork of Bytecoin and it also utilizes CryptoNote algorithm. The goal of Dashcoin is to automatically create a perfect mirror image of Bytecoin, the first CryptoNote based cryptocurrency, at any given moment of time. The only difference is the supply amount. Read MoreWebsiteAnnouncementExplorer
AeonCoin (AEON) AEON (Anonymous Electronic On-line CoiN) is a Monero fork and also a privacy focused coin that is aimed towards open-source community to deliver fast and secure payment method while being simple enough to be used by anyone. AEON has started as an experiment but then found its supporters and now AEON is fully functional CryptoNote currency. Read MoreWebsiteAnnouncementExplorer
BipCoin (BIP) BipCoin is NOT a Bitcoin clone. The CryptoNote base of BipCoin solves the main problems of Bitcoin. So BipCoin has Untraceable transactions, Can be mined on ordinary computers, Adaptive limits. BipCoin is covered by the BipCot No-Government license, which allows use and re-use by anyone except governments and government agents. There are no government guns for violators, only shame. Plus it has the coolest AltCoin name ever. Read MoreWebsiteAnnouncementExplorer
Dinastycoin (DCY) Everyone who joins Dinasty of Freedom can freely open his/her shop on the Community Ownership Platform and see products and services with the request of accepting at least a 10% of the cost of his product in Dinastycoin. The platform has been developed tailor-made for the Community of Dinasty of Freedom by a team of programmers participating in the project and continuing to improve it by adding new features. It is possible to manage both B2C and B2B as well as C2C. From stores selling to the consumer, sharing products with other retailers, directly to your basket. Read MoreWebsiteAnnouncementExplorer
LeviarCoin (XLC) In a few words, LeviarCoin, by its nature, is not only a software protection tool, but also a currency. Goals of XLC: Create a currency that can be easily traded or used as in-app/software currency. Build a protection library to inhibit fraud in online applications and games. Embrace open-source philosophy by releasing all source code of software, libraries and by contributing with patches. Read MoreWebsiteAnnouncementExplorer
Sumokoin (SUMO) Sumokoin successfully forked at block height 116520! Sumokoin now use new algorithm named Cryptonight-Heavy. According to the SUMO devs, "Cryptonight Heavy is not a minor tweak on cryptonight, its an effort to create a modified asic resistant cryptonight pow without having to fork periodically."

SUMOKOIN is created with a high level of privacy in mind, setting Ring Confidential Transactions (RingCT) with minimum ringsize (mixin) of 12 to conceal sources/amounts transferred and make it high resistance to blockchain analysis. SUMOKOIN is untraceable; sending and receiving addresses are encrypted, transacted amounts are obfuscated by default. Transactions on the SUMOKOIN blockchain cannot be linked to a particular user or real-world identity.Read MoreWebsiteAnnouncementExplorer
Masari (MSR) Masari (MSR) is a scalability-focused, untraceable, secure, and fungible cryptocurrency using the RingCT protocol. By using the RingCT protocol, Masari is able to ensure that all transactions are untraceable, unlinkable, and that amounts transferred are hidden from the public. All of the privacy features in Masari resolve into true fungibility, which makes its digital currency equivalent to cash or gold, where no transaction can be discriminated against another. Read MoreWebsiteAnnouncementExplorer
BitCoal (COAL) BitCoal is the next generation anonymous cryptocurrency based on CryptoNote Bitcoal was made as a coin to stand as an economic kicker for day to day people without high demand skills in the market nowadays, nor the proper equipment to mine high value coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and the like. Read MoreWebsiteAnnouncementExplorer
DigitalNote (XDN) DigitalNote is formerly known as DarkNote and duckNote. DigitalNote utilizes CryptoNote technology along with a number of important updates, such as untraceable encrypted messaging system, multi-signatures and blockchain based deposits. XDN team has ambitious plans – they are experimenting with Proof-of-Activity, alias system and many more features to come. Read MoreWebsiteAnnouncementExplorer
IntenseCoin (ITNS) Intense (symbol ITNS) is the fuel and operating currency for our peer-to-peer (P2P) decentralized VPN. It is based on the CryptoNote technology and uses the exclusive CryptoNight algorithm. Following development and integration of VPN capabilities into the wallet (see roadmap below), the Intense wallet will allow any network user to act as a VPN exit node in exchange for ITNS. In order to act as a node, staking of ITNS in the wallet will be required, fostering currency utilization and network growth. This establishes a novel approach to staking and creates a hybrid proof-of-work/proof-of-stake (PoW/PoS) purpose for Intense. Read MoreWebsiteAnnouncementExplorer
Karbo(KRB) Karbo is a decentralized peer-to-peer exchange network and medium, that does not have centralized management or issuer and ensures privacy and anonymity of operations without intermediaries and regulators. Its units of exchange are cryptographically protected (encrypted) units of information. They are protected from copying and counterfeiting by the blockchain technology. Read MoreWebsiteAnnouncementExplorer
ByteCoin (BCN) Bytecoin is the first CryptoNote-based currency, which has reached mass adoption successfully. Bytecoin also possesses one of the largest ecosystems. Bytecoin has been originally created in close cooperation with CryptoNote team. It is the first implementation of CryptoNote technology, with the release dating back to July 2012. Up to this date Bytecoin developers has been making significant contributions to the development of CryptoNote technology. Read MoreWebsiteAnnouncementExplorer
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