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Cache (CXCHE)



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Cache рынки

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Privacy Focused Decentralised Banking. Private transactions, messages and on-chain banking.

ОбъявленныйNov 2020
Разветвленный от CCX
Майнинг АлгоCache
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Десятичные знаки5
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Cache06. Jan 2021
* Монеты, перечисленные на Cryptunit показаны.

Max Supply: 300,000,000 (300m)
Premine: 5% (plit between a Foundation Fund & a Governance Fund)

The motivation behind this project is simple: There are an estimated 2 billion people who currently lack access to financial services. Although existing infrastructure has been instrumental in generating wealth, very little has ended up going to this excluded population.

Cache Team

The Cache Team and its contributors are honest everyday people that have come together to help create a powerful decentralized Blockchain which is privacy focused and holds many features.

- Expeirenced users with programming background.
- Honest team whom work daily on Cache.
- Non-Anon Team.

The Cache team are always looking for more people to get hands on with Cache so if you think you could help benefit the project then please put yourself forward. Cache works with its community members to help the project become the best it can be as we believe by putting members first because they're the users who actually use Cache and its software.

Cache Banking.

As well as being able to send transactions to your uncle billy or auntie annie, you can safely deposit your Cache with some interest rate. In general, this feature allows users to deposit a portion of their $CXCHE on to the Cache Blockchain for certain periods and thrn after the chosen period has finished, they can withdraw it back with some interest as a part of main Cache supply. Banking for a longer period gives users a bigger interest rate as they're willing to wait the tim. Banking is broken up in 5 tiers with each tier varying in APR %. If you scroll down to the Frequently Asked Questions section, you will be able to read about all 5 tiers.

- 1 Month - 1 Year Deposit Terms
- Minimum 1.00000 $CXCHE to Deposit.
- Earn up to 8% APR interest.

Since v1.0.4 version of Cache's software, you create deposits either using the Desktop Wallet or through the Client Wallet.

Cache Finance

Cache is a robust Proof-of-Work/Proof-of-Stake hybrid blockchain with instant transactions and highly secure encrypted messaging features at its core. Cache uses privacy-enhancing technologies to achieve anonymity and fungibility. It has attracted users desiring privacy measures that are not provided in more popular cryptocurrencies

- Privacy Focused by Default.
- Create Investments.
- Send Messages.
- No Hidden Fees.

 Cache Messages

The Cache Blockchain has the ability to send and receive E-Mail like encrypted messages. Cache messages can be used for personal, family, business and social purposes. Governmental and non-governmental organizations may also use Cache's messaging for communication between colleagues as the software is decenralized and has no restrictions. Cache's Blockchain can accept, forward, deliver, and store messages discretely and privatly. Users required to be online; they need to connect their wallet to the Blockchain. There is an implied fee when sending a message to save the Blockchain from spam.

- Encrypted Private Messages.
- E-Mail like service.
- Flat fee at 0.001 $CXCHE per message.

Cache messages are only implemented in Cache's Desktop wallet and cache-service RPC client. Soon this feature will also be implemented within the client wallet.

CXCHE Обои, баннеры, обложки
Рекомендуемые CXCHE Майнеры
ВЕРХНЯЯ CXCHE Майнинг прибор
AMD Vega56 3,800 h/s
AMD Vega64 3,800 h/s
AMD Frontier 3,800 h/s
AMD EPYC 7501 2,975 h/s
AMD EPYC 7551 2,975 h/s
AMD EPYC 7601 2,975 h/s
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CXCHE Рекорды!

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