CryptUnit Cryptonote Mining Profitability Calculator & Tools (BETA)
may 22 Electroneum: Blockchain update may 30th (block 307500) & divergence from Monero. Official announcement.

Graft Graft (GRFT)

Daily earnings1.8$
31.94 GRFT
958.2 GRFT monthly ($54)
Algo: CryptoNightV7

Haven Protocol Haven Protocol (XHV)

Daily earnings1.8$
0.9 XHV
27 XHV monthly ($54)
Algo: Cryptonight Heavy

stellite Stellite (XTL)

Daily earnings1.7$
1911.3 XTL
57339 XTL monthly ($51)
Algo: CryptoNightV7

BitTube BitTube (TUBE)

Daily earnings1.6$
10.5 TUBE
315 TUBE monthly ($48)
Algo: CNLite TUBE Variant

Sumokoin Sumokoin (SUMO)

Daily earnings1.5$
1.1 SUMO
33 SUMO monthly ($45)
Algo: CryptoNight Heavy

Masari Masari (MSR)

Daily earnings1.4$
2.7 MSR
81 MSR monthly ($42)
Algo: CryptoNightV7


Daily earnings1.3$
0.0077 XMR
0.231 XMR monthly ($39)
Algo: CryptoNight V7

IntenseCoin IntenseCoin (ITNS)

Daily earnings1.3$
361.7 ITNS
10851 ITNS monthly ($39)
Algo: CryptoNightV7

Turtlecoin TurtleCoin (TRTL)

Daily earnings1.3$
17260.8 TRTL
517824 TRTL monthly ($39)
Algo: CryptoNightLite V1

Fonero Fonero (FNO)

Daily earnings0.6$
157.5 FNO
4725 FNO monthly ($18)
Algo: CryptoNightV7

Bitsum Balkancoin (BKC)

Daily earnings0.1$
142 BKC
4260 BKC monthly ($3)
Algo: CryptoNight

Bitsum Bitsum (BSM)

Daily earnings0.1$
178.1 BSM
5343 BSM monthly ($3)
Algo: Cryptonight

stellite Ultranote (XUN)

Daily earnings0.1$
47.5 XUN
1425 XUN monthly ($3)
Algo: CryptoNight

Dinastycoin Dinastycoin (DCY)

Daily earnings0.1$
232.3 DCY
6969 DCY monthly ($3)
Algo: CryptoNight


Daily earnings0.1$
0.06 AEON
1.8 AEON monthly ($3)
Algo: CryptoNightLite


Daily earnings0.1$
9.5 BCN
285 BCN monthly ($3)
Algo: CryptoNight

Electroneum Electroneum (ETN)

Daily earnings0.1$
4.5 ETN Daily
135 ETN monthly ($3)
Algo: CryptoNight

Karbo Karbo (KRB)

Daily earnings0.1$
0.1 KRB
3 KRB monthly ($3)
Algo: CryptoNight

Bitcoal Bitcoal (COAL)

Daily earnings0.1$
7.8 COAL
234 COAL monthly ($3)
Algo: CryptoNight

LeviarCoin LeviarCoin (XLC)

Daily earnings0.1$
1.5 XLC
45 XLC monthly ($3)
Algo: CryptoNight

Dero Dero (DERO)

Daily earnings0.1$
0 DERO monthly ($3)
Algo: CryptoNight

Crepcoin Crepcoin (CREP)

Daily earnings0$
38.6 CREP
1158 CREP monthly ($0)
Algo: CryptoNight
Prices updated 3 minutes ago | Blockchain data updated 23 minutes ago
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