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Balkancoin (BKC)



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Balkancoin is a currency that will come from the people and it will be for the people. Simple and functional. Balkancoin is an open source project without any premined amount or ICO release.

PredstavljenDec 2017
Forkovano sa KRB
Hashing algoritamCN ASIC
Vreme bloka30 sek
Decimalna mesta8
Trenutna visina4,132,836
Istorijski podaciJSON
CN24. May 2018
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Symbol: BKC
Block time: 30 seconds
Maturity: 10 confirmations
Difficulty: Retarget each block
Divisible up to: Up to 8 decimal places
Emission: 690 million BKC.
Block reward: ~ 82 BKC
Minimal block reward: 1 BKC.

What is Balkancoin?

Every successful project begins with a great idea, a small amount of money and hundreds of sleepless nights. That is exactly what happened with our project – Balkan coin. We are a group of developers, marketing workers and web developers from the Balkans, which were dedicated to this idea several years ago, but the final realization came at the end of 2017, which on the other hand proved to be a boom year for all other crypto currencies, especially for the Bitcoin, ethereum monero etc.

In the background of this idea, the need of a sophisticated way to connect all people who originate from this part of the world – the Balkan Peninsula, was dragged as a thread. As most people know, the Balkans is a region which is located in the southeastern part of Europe and which in the past was the center of world’s greatest interests, starting with the Crusades, the Balkan Wars, World War I and World War II. The oldest crossroads in the mankind history pass through the Balkan, it is the cradle of the oldest civilizations, and of course, there are many great names that origin from this peninsula, such as Alexander the Great and Nikola Tesla. As a geographical area with such turbulent and significant history, the Balkan has left a trace in the genes of all people who originate from this part of the world.

The Balkan man is probably a combination of the most controversial features of every person (hospitality, cordiality, friendliness, hard work, but also selfishness, belligerence, enraged, vulgarity, low self-esteem etc.). The countries that gravitate in this region are almost without exception led by incompetent people whose only goal in life is to get rich on the back of the citizens, disregarding the basic human freedom and the right of each individual, and that is perhaps the karma of this region remaining from the past.

A man who originates from the Balkan, who possesses these features, can easily adapt to any living conditions in different geographical areas. Therefore, the number of people of this part of the world who are looking for better future is huge, so they quite often decide to leave their homes and seek their existence in other more prosperous countries.

On the other hand, the Balkan man is emotionally attached and committed to his family. He always tries to find a way to help his loved ones who still live in the countries of this region. Tens of billions of dollars are sent each year from “our” people from the more economically developed countries to their close relatives and friends. They have a significant role in reducing the deficit in the economy in almost all Balkan countries through foreign exchange remittance. For example, in Macedonia only, these remittances are approximately 1 billion dollars. All the transactions are carried out through banks or through fast money transfer services. Both of them are quite slow and burdened by large commissions that end up in the bank accounts.

Having this in mind, our idea was born – Balkancoin. Every person from any place on the globe, even broader if it has internet connection, can send a value personified in Balkan coins to any person in the Balkan and anywhere in world (in fact, this is the main goal of the crypto-currency).

Why Balkancoin?

The long-standing experience of the developer’s team (certainly incorporating all the achievements in the cryptocurrency field of which even the greatest experts came to), may not be a guarantee for the development of this cryptocurrency, but it certainly provides a solid base for its rise and finding a well-deserved place in the cryptocurrency world.

What makes this cryptocurrency interesting for deposit and trading is the great commitment of the team of developers who are from various fields, the involvement of many other profiles of people, who are enthusiastically included in the project, such as information science students, professors, civil society, non-governmental organizations and ordinary people who believe in the technology behind this cryptocurrency. The technical background that we will elaborate in the following text for the Balkancoin is another guarantee for the reliability and the strength of the Balkancoin.

Of course, what has been listed so far has no effect if we are not open to criticism, suggestions, indications for any aspect of the currency, we are also open to social media, forums, magazines, web portals and all media for communication and presentation. We are also willing to corporate with all other developers and people who want to join this project.

In the next stages of the currency implementation, we will provide one more important feature, which in fact is the humanitarian character of the coin. We predict, of course based on given criteria, that part of the funds that would be collected in form of fee of the transactions, in the future will be donated to socially vulnerable groups (which by the way are many in the Balkans and beyond), as well for one-time payment in certain natural disasters and catastrophes.

Uniqueness of Balkancoin

But who told that Balkancoin is a unique currency in its nature, or Balkancoin project must somehow be special?

“It is neither the best currency in the world, nor do we want to compete with all the other more than a thousand currencies that currently exist and perhaps will be many more in the future. In its purpose, creation and use of the Balkancoin doesn’t differ from any other currency. And why would it differ? When an idea (blockchain technology and Bitcoin as its first and most popular child) which basically is genius, is realized almost perfectly, a real demagogy would be to claim that our currency is unique or our project is special in this manner. And you’ll agree this statement is not missing in almost any other cryptocurrencies.”

But are they special? How are they special?

If anyone on this forum knows some crypto which has special (unique) project except maybe BTC but in its initial form, and he is able to explain in whole crypto-community why that project is special, then you should be ready to know how our project is the most influential crypto-project ever.

Until that happens, we will never deceive our esteemed members that our project is unique or special. We are fully committed to this project but only with our sincerity and work. We deeply believe that only in this way can we create a real Balkancoin community. If that happens, then we will be proud of what we have done together. It will be our reward, and then the Balkancoin project will be special and unique. This isn’t our project anymore. Now this is your project. We are only participants in the project, just like you. The only thing we can promise you – we will never give up.

Everyone wants to hear that a project is unique and reliable, and especially if it is stated by “experts” or developers. These statements are most often used as an alibi for wrongly invested money. You will not get alibi here

If you are looking for something else – there are thousands of other projects. Finally the choice is always yours.

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