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Hitc is a project based on community trust making partnership with other projects to expand and keep it safe for the community, With turtles secure private and annomynous network which means that you will never be able to track any address or person back after a transaction is sent.

PredstavljenJan 2019
Forkovano sa BCN
Hashing algoritamCN Turtle
Vreme bloka sek
Decimalna mesta4
Trenutna visina0
Istorijski podaciJSON
CN Turtle05. May 2019
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supply 75.000.000, 0000 
premise 4%= 3.000.000
block start reward 34 
prefixe hi

What is HITC exactly and what is its purpose are we going to expand further or is this it? 

HITC is here to filter scams away as much as possible off course we will need the community to help us by doing so. 

Once a project ,platform,exchange signs up we will verify the business related once accepted, its our insurance that the project is indeed a legit one. 

Off course we will always get the smart ones trying to be legit and still scam there for we have a policy, that if the party hereby is verified a fee will be placed once the fee is paid we release the info related concerning the partner.

From this moment the community is free to act whether they invest mine or trade on the partners platform. Hence a scam still goes trough we will be notified by community we will then investigate if its indeed a scam if this happens we hold the fee and deploy this to the people that are affected by the scam at time and date. 

Regarding this we hold the information of the main person regarding the project as the main person is responsible for good act regarding the people hired etc. We will then file a police report which will be delivered to cyber crime department with all information needed hereby also the information of the ones affected by the scam.

Purpose of HITC is quite simple everyday scams and way more on the way.

HITC is here to give that little bit of protection to ensure a good crypto experience. Regarding to the purpose of HITC why would we build something like this? Well why not!

Since exchanges and ico projects and all projects that use kyc to make sure your a real person or  company so you can either join their airdrops coin sales or trades, is like playing the government! They hold our information our money which we worked hard for and 9 of the 10 times they run away with it as well. That made me think what if we turn this around full transparency nothing to hide, this way the community becomes the government as we wanna see if we can trust these platforms let them proof they are real! This is the main purpose.

Expanding? Yes there are plans for the future to expand which we are learning and studying once we hold enough information/funds we will be going over to lots more as you probably already noticed. This project got a lot open doors and slowly we will close door by door its quite exiting and we really hope that the community will follow and support us all the way!

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