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Luka is one of the most iconic Latin American cryptocurrencies and is ranked in the TOP 5 by Since the very beginning, LuKa has been characterized for having a strong and supportive community with more than a thousand subscribers, and for having strong relationships with a series of non-governmental entities and private businesses.

PredstavljenDec 2017
Forkovano sa BCN
Hashing algoritamCN ASIC
Vreme bloka sek
Decimalna mesta8
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Istorijski podaciJSON
CN19. Jan 2019
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Ticker: LUK
Max Supply: 100.000.000 LUK
Block reward: Factor 22 / 0.445 LUK / Factor 22
Generation of blocks: Every 90 seconds
Calculation of difficulty: Every block (Algorithm LWMA)


Luka is a cryptocurrency of Latin American origins, whose project is to be the basis of the power of personal information of each user. This, through the support of a blockchain with anonymous transactions that processes data by means of decentralized applications free of use.

It is intended to be a focus of technological culture, in which users can perceive the added value when interacting with LuKa in their daily life, as well as giving emphasis to commercial areas.

An essential part of our journey is the continuous social adoption in the different countries that LuKa aims at. Taking a step further towards different kinds of products, services and other interests.

What does "Luka" mean?

"Luka" is a Chilean slang used for referring to "A thousand Chilean pesos", roughly estimated into 1,50 dollars.

Problems and solutions

Our project aims to develop a decentralized ecosystem based on LuKa's network including the means to store information for businesses, i.e. entertainment enterprises, and individuals in a private and secure way. This will be achieved by the development of open source decentralized apps produced and designed by our team. Video games will be also developed and community-based contests will be held. 

Our main initial focus areas are described below


Currently, each passing minute, a user's private information is being contravened by third-party companies which make a profit by selling their personal data without previous consent. Keeping in mind that this is an issue that not only affects people but also their beloved pets, the LuKa project aims to solve this privacy issue by improving data processing and storage.

LuKa's blockchain offers prominent privacy capabilities. For instance, considering the pets issue previously described,  information can be distributed and saved within the noncentered network in the form of "pets' data". Once in the blockchain, the information will only be visible (in the form of an audit) to certain individuals that just the data's owner will approve. This halts any malicious entity that wishes to appropriate information for their own goals.

The principal goal is to achieve an entirely decentralized data network in which apps working within the ecosystem must fit standards proposed by the blockchain.


Globally, the gaming industry has a major influence and importance, gathering more attention every day. LuKa can establish itself as a representative of value within this industry, by storing video games' data and transactions done within games. Initially, we ourselves will develop games within the chain as a proof of concept for future developers.


LukAdventure is the provisional name for the first video game that we will release in our platform, including both a story and multiplayer mode that will also allow betting between users. At the time of release, we will launch a community-based contest which is mentioned in the "Airdrop and game contest" section on this post.


LUK Pozadine, baneri
Halong DragonMint X2 248,000 h/s
Baikal N240 240,000 h/s
Innosilicon A8 Plus 240,000 h/s
Bitmain Antminer X3 220,000 h/s
Innosilicon A8 160,000 h/s
Halong DragonMint X1 124,000 h/s
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