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TurtleCoin (TRTL)


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83.5 BTC

26,919 TRTL




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24h PROS Tež
TurtleCoin Nagrade TRTL 13,032 13,679 14,095 98,664 422,847
Prihod BTC 0.000079 0.000086 0.000087 0.00061 0.0026
Prihod USD $3.92 $4.23 $4.48 $31.4 $134
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24h PROS Tež
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TurtleCoin TRTL Blocks 0 0 0 3 15
Nagrade TRTL 0 0 0 80,683 403,413
Prihod USD $0 $0 $0 $25.7 $128
TurtleCoin rudarski pulovi
Naziv pula Spojeni Prov % Min. isplata Rudari Mh/s Status 0.3 1000 0 0 2 min ranije 0.5 500 47 0.48 30 min ranije
Monero Ocean pplns 0 0.003XMR 16 2.88 24 min ranije 0.7 500 42 3.81 27 min ranije
Mine2gether 0.1 100 344 10.9 3 min ranije pplns 0.9 1000 407 32.7 5 min ranije
Herominers 0.9 1000 2,435 191 27 min ranije
TurtleCoin marketi
Menjačnica Par 24h TRTL 24h USD Provereno
CoinEx CoinEx TRTL/USDT 8,131,226,592 $2,430,899 2 sat ranije
KuCoin KuCoin TRTL/BTC 1,901,411,602 $578,574 2 sat ranije
KuCoin KuCoin TRTL/ETH 1,072,432,183 $322,427 2 sat ranije
CoinEx CoinEx TRTL/BTC 968,769,419 $290,029 2 sat ranije
MXC MXC TRTL/USDT 812,839,684 $245,463 2 sat ranije
Bilaxy Bilaxy TRTL/ETH 394,879,222 $118,732 2 sat ranije
TradeOgre TradeOgre TRTL/LTC 178,739,214 $61,833 2 sat ranije
Hotbit Hotbit TRTL/USDT 144,594,600 $46,535 2 sat ranije
ViteX ViteX TRTL/ETH 1,974,300 $498 4 sat ranije
Hotbit Hotbit TRTL/ETH 616,400 $182 5 sat ranije


TurtleCoin is a fun, fast, and easy way to send money to friends and businesses. Coin was born December 9th, 2017. TurtleCoin is creating blocks every 30 seconds, as opposed to every 10 minutes. Your money travels 20x faster on TurtleCoin than on Bitcoin or BitcoinCash. TurtleCoin comes with its own basic CPU miner, but you can also use any Monero mining software you used to if you rather use GPU or mining pools. 

PredstavljenJan 2018
Forkovano sa BCN
Hashing algoritamArg Chukwa v2
Vreme bloka30 sek
Decimalna mesta2
Trenutna visina3,522,776
Istorijski podaciJSON
CN07. Feb 2018
CN Lite V708. Apr 2018
CN Turtle02. Feb 2019
Arg Chukwa31. Aug 2019
Arg Chukwa v224. Oct 2020
WSBCJan 2021
STCHMay 2020
XKRApr 2020
CIRQJan 2020
ETRXJan 2020
TKTSNov 2019
TLOOct 2019
CMRAOct 2019
PXLAug 2019
ZUMAug 2019
MNGJul 2019
NINJAMar 2019
ELPHFeb 2019
ZTCFeb 2019
BTCMZFeb 2019
NACAJan 2019
DEGODec 2018
NBXCNov 2018
TTNZJul 2018
WRKZJun 2018
PLEApr 2018
WTIPMar 2018
ARMSFeb 2018
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Max Supply: 1 Trillion coins @ 2 decimal places
Block reward: ~ 29000 TRTL, slowly decreasing over about 40 years
Difficulty: Retargets at every block
P2P port: 11897
RPC port: 11898


Welcome to TurtleCoin, well at least the announcement of. We would like to share with you the dream we have for the coin, what it stands for and where it could go in the future. It has humble beginnings (being a fork of ByteCoin) but already there is a thriving community behind it and a team of developers which is growing every week.

What are we definitely not? We are not a fork and forget coin. We are already modifying the algorithms, and starting code-inroads into features, adding value to what the original ByteCoin codebase had to offer.

And with such unprecedented interest and offers of help so early on, we were initially overwhelmed, taking time to marshal everyone's efforts and gain focus. With weekly updates, on progress and who is working on what part of the project, available on our blog, everyone can see what progress is being made and what direction we are heading.

Wanting to be fun and inclusive is great, but that can sometimes be seen as charlatan. So being incredibly open and transparent is important to us, to build up trust in a community that has seen hundreds of forks of this codebase, offering little other than a name change. We intend to do that by being entirely open source, but also through discussion with our core developers, who are always happy to answer any questions put to them.

We hope the changes we make will be positive and keep us around in peoples hearts.

What are we doing differently?

Obviously, the starting block is, No premine, No shenanigans.  We hate it when other coins have done it, and we simply don't agree with that philosophy as it just promotes a coin getting listed as quickly as possible, so people can cash out.  Our motto is very much slow and steady.

Of equal importance are the people who mine/trade TRTL. We wanted to put the fun and the community back into an Alt coin, we want ordinary people to be able to mine with us and generate TRTL, whilst feeling part of a friendly and supportive community.

You can only really produce that supporting and friendly community with openness, that is why every member of the team is on the discord server and regularly monitors it, we have dev updates, we have our GitHub issues tracker and we are always available for questions.  Absolutely nothing is closed off from the public, even our dev discussions are in the open, our dirty laundry, everything.

The Story

Most TurtleCoin Contributors have thick, luscious beards. FACT. This gives us +10xp Chin Stroke abilities, and enhances our patience and diagnostic skills.  The truth is, most of us are full-time developers on other projects, and this is our way to give back to the community with something fun.


One chilly December night, RockSteady and Bebop were having a beer too many while discussing the madness around fake, flimsy ICOs with no product. Bebop surmised that it just wouldn't be possible to put out a real project nowadays without a serious team, doing serious marketing, and bringing in serious funding.
RockSteady leaned in closely, stroked his beard intently, and had only one response..

"Hold my beer."

That night, December 9th, 2017, TurtleCoin was born.


Too many projects are bringing in too much funding despite most having no damn product. We figured, "why not do the whole thing in reverse? Start with a fun project, make it as simple and accessible as possible, and let it grow on its own."

We have a strong belief in our no-funding strategy; if we make a cool product, the value will create itself. If you think we're wrong, we're happy to talk about it.

TRTL Pozadine, baneri
AMD Frontier 60,000 h/s
AMD Vega56 55,000 h/s
AMD Vega64 55,000 h/s
Nvidia 1080 55,000 h/s
Nvidia 1080Ti 55,000 h/s
AMD FuryX 35,000 h/s
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