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Planting trees and storing blockchain in space. Universal decentralized network of REAL Proof-of-Work. WAZN is a fun, agile, and straightforward way to send appreciation or gratitude around. 

PredstavljenNov 2019
Forkovano sa UPX
Hashing algoritamCN Turtle
Vreme bloka sek
Decimalna mesta6
Trenutna visina0
Istorijski podaciJSON
CN Turtle23. Nov 2019
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Overall supply: 100,000,000 WAZN

WAZN is a decentralized cryptocurrency based on CryptoNote, an open-source technology. Blockchain was born on 9th November 2019 with its own genesis block, couple of hours after our main dev came to his data center from his birthday celebration(1).

There is no degradation of privacy due to above incident or due to ring sigatures using different participants for the same tx outputs on opposing forks. WAZN is provided with its own basic CPU miner but you are welcome to use any CryptoNote/Cryptonight mining application you approve.

(1) some blockchain seeds were planted all around the world with some help of participants on this after hours nerdy event. Everyone wired and stirred from sshing, sudoing and shulgins :P we gave birth to WAZN blockchain.


All great things we are going to do together

We are going to make you sweat when completing wonderful deeds. For your kindhearted efforts you will be rewarded with WAZN. Either graphic cards or CPU processors are sweating in struggle of calculating perplexing math equations or you get out of your residence, spoil yourself when breathing fresh air and make some green accomplishments. You will be able to spend WAZN on rewarding services we aim to introduce in near future or exchange it for your own tree. Or 2. <3

How can I obtain WAZN and how should I spend it?

Those keen of blockchain will mine it, those who are not, it will be provided to them as a reward for easy accomplished 'green' deeds from our To do list paid out of our 'incentives' wallet. In connection with our main project goal we intend to provide you with attractive options where to get rid of your WAZN or why you should sit on it.

What are the objectives of this project?

In spring 2020 we would like to introduce you our team in person and demonstrate some efforts we aim to achieve in the following year. We intend to present incentives to gain WAZN without mining for those who will be joining us from anew without prior knowledge of blockchain technology.

Blah. WAZN can not be much different than any other blockchain out there. Is it?

Our team activities combined with our ledger should make this green venture happening outside our and your walls. In some time it should make you feel good holding some WAZN or maybe exchange it for merchandise that looks good and fits well :P and let everyone else know you care.

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