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X12 Coin

X12 Coin

X12 is a secure, private, untraceable currency. It is open-source and freely available to all. With X12, you are your own bank. Only you control and are responsible for your funds. Your accounts and transactions are kept private from prying eyes.

PredstavljenJul 2017
Forkovano sa XMR
Hashing algoritamCN ASIC
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Decimalna mesta12
Trenutna visina0
Istorijski podaciJSON
CN08. Aug 2018
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Total Supply : ~18mln
In Circulation : ~11mln (SINCE 08.2017)
- first, main curve: ~18.132 million coins by the end of May 2022
- then, tail curve: 0.6 X12 per 5-minute block, kicks in once main emission is done, translates to <1% inflation decreasing over time

White paper


X12 was created in August 2017 and is based on the technology of Monero and CryptoNote. The goal of X12 is to create an actual independent currency which protects from control and monitoring. This is urgently necessary also in the 21st century, because the surveillance society enhancing the sensors on and on and wants to penetrate into all personal fields.

Thus, X12 was created to ensure independence, privacy and security. Our engineers, independent financial experts and cryptography experts are working on that.


The X12 coin is an independent, open-source privacy coin with a big and enthusiastic community! Our mission is to create and establish a truly simple cryptocurrency that can easily be used by anyone. The X12 community is doing its utmost to reduce complexity and thus make using X12 as simple as paying for a meal with a credit card at your favourite restaurant or ordering concert tickets online.

Usually, privacy coins are quite complicated and difficult to use, especially for non tech- savvy users there is no easy and simple way to store, use and spend their coins. This is due to the lack of an ecosystem which is essential for mainstream accessibility to a cryptocurrency. We support the X12 community and any 3rd party that shares our enthusiasm in the coin by providing information to create the basic conditions and general environment for further developments of X12 ecosystem.

The X12 ecosystem is allowing a rapidly increasing amount of users to utilize X12 in their everyday life.


X12 makes best technologies easy to use in everyday life for everybody. X12 is based on one most secure and reliable blockchain technologies and provides vast variety of tools and infrastructure.

X12 is Secure

X12 can’t be hacked to steal your funds, due to the power of distributed consensus, which you can read about here. This means that you are responsible for your money, and don’t have to trust any entity to keep it safe for you.

X12 is Private

The power of the blockchain usually increases security at the cost of privacy, but with X12’s sophisticated privacy-centric technology, you get all of the security benefits of the blockchain without any of the privacy trade-offs.

X12 is Untraceable

By taking advantage of ring signatures, X12 makes it ambiguous which funds have been spent, and thus extremely unlikely that a transaction could be linked to particular user.

X12 has a stunning ecosystem

The X12 ecosystem is allowing a rapidly increasing amount of users to utilize X12 in their everyday life. Together with the whole community we are assisting others who are working on various tools to make X12 more dynamic. You can, for example, use a web-based wallet and a mobile wallet on your smartphone. Additionally, a payment plugin for the highly popular e-commerce WordPress plugin “WooCommerce” was launched. You will also be able to take advantage of X12 for buying goods in certain shops using a debit card provided by a 3rd party service provider, or exchange X12 for cash via an X12 ATM machine.


Cryptocurrencies are starting to enter the lives of more and more people like you. Since you are on this website, you heard about Bitcoin, maybe Etherium, and now X12.

All cryptocurrencies have one major flaw though. They are hard to use if you are not a software developer. But make no mistake, they are the future. Cryptocoins are at a stage like the internet in 1990. 

If you want to profit from cryptocurrencies you need to get on board now. Our mission is to help you do this.

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