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Italocoin (XTA)



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TradeOgre TradeOgre XTA/BTC 1,311,617 $2,517 3 sat ranije
CREX24 CREX24 XTA/BTC 4,291 $8.26 2 sat ranije


ItaloCoin is a untraceable cryptocurrency and was launched on March 14, 2018 and works according to the principles that are radically different from ones the fiat currencies and their digital analogues use. We have created the currency with CryptoNote Technology And Monero that is convenient and reliable to use in the Internet.

PredstavljenSep 2017
Forkovano sa XMR
Hashing algoritamRND X
Vreme bloka sek
Decimalna mesta12
Trenutna visina0
Istorijski podaciJSON
CN Heavy26. Jul 2018
CN Haven04. Mar 2019
CN R17. Jul 2019
RND X30. Jan 2020
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Ticker: XTA
Block time: 120 seconds 
Difficulty: Retargets each block
Block reward: Decreases each block
Total Supply: 1,364,800 XTA (December, 2018)
P2P PORT: 13101
RPC PORT: 13102

About the Italo Network

Italo Network (XTA) is a NO ICO, no premine, low supply and emission privacy-centric currency network. All developments will be made open source to contribute to the evolution of the cryptonote privacy space. XTA features a 'Subdued Emission Curve' - a CryptoNote emission curve variant with 75% lower block rewards meant to preserve value through low annual inflation and incentivize fair ASIC-resistant mining for decades, not years.

Main Objective

XTA's objective is to create a low fee, secure, private and attack resistant payment network by combining two key points of innovation - Project HashPlug, an affordable, energy efficient, dedicated plug-and-play XTA USB miner for distributed hashing and XTA's Fair-Fee algo, which solves the bulletproofs challenge by creating an optimal transaction profile for ultra low fees while discouraging DDoS attacks. Using the combination of the two, Italo will create an alternative Proof of Work network that is democratic, fair and much more energy friendly.

Universal Mining

Simple Set-and-Forget Universal Mining - Italo Network provides global economic inclusion opportunities by offering easy to use mining and thin client apps for a wide range of devices, from smartphones and smart TVs to tablets and desktops. Each device will be able to fully tap unused computing power and have access to its own device-specific XTA address for optimal hashrate distribution.

PAD-Adjusted Bulletproofs (PABs)

Based on the latest Monero codebase, Italo implements a PAD-adjusted version of Bulletproofs, a trustless setup, zero-knowledge proof protocol for single and multi range proofs. This reduces transactions fees and storage requirements by 82% on average, while significanly increasing blockchain sync times and block validation performance. Combined with RingCT obfuscation, XTA efficiently guarantees end user privacy. 

Crowd Hashing

What is Crowd Hashing?

Italo Network takes a unique approach to solving the mining centralization and attack resistance problems. Instead of constantly having to outpace ASICs via hard forks, Italo will make use of Project HashPlug - a dedicated plug-and-play low cost USB hardware miner with a hard-coded FPGA array that is optimized for highly efficient mining, maximizing hashrate-to-device-cost ratio.

HashPlug's affordability and commercial availability will provide an optimal global hashrate distribution that cannot be feasibly competed away using dedicated high end machines. We call this method Crowd Hashing as ASICs and other high entry cost devices are economically crowded out of the network, ensuring a high degree of decentralization and network security.

Integrated Merchant Adoption Tools

XTA's mining and thin client apps will have a seamless integration into our custom-built merchant tools, allowing end users to easily spend their mined and received XTA for goods and services through participating merchants online and locally.

Fair-Fee Algo

Italo's key contribution to the cryptonote space, solving the two-sided bulletproofs challenge where attackers can spam the network by creating very large transactions without hard economic restrictions. Italo's Fair-Fee Algo ensures both a low transaction fee profile while enabling smooth fee scalability with the number of outputs to prevent DDoS and spam attacks on the network. The Fair-Fee Algo empowers users and merchants by creating a truly economical and secure global value transfer network. 

Light Nodes

A second layer to the Italo Network that allows users to run chain replication nodes to increase the network decentralization and global footprint, and provide quick sync and transaction routing services for end user clients. With an increased global presence, everyone will be able to establish low latency connections to the XTA network.

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