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Alloy (XAO)



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30 XAO

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Текущие Слож
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24ч ПРОС Слож
24ч ПРОС Слож
24ч ПРОС Слож
Alloy Наградe XAO 117,478 102,130 138,852 971,961 4,165,548
Доход BTC 0 0 0 0 0
Доход USD $0 $0 $0 $0 $0
Текущие Слож
1ч ПРОС Слож
24ч ПРОС Слож
24ч ПРОС Слож
24ч ПРОС Слож
Alloy XAO Blocks 3914 3403 4627 32392 138824
Наградe XAO 117,459 102,114 138,837 971,951 4,165,539
Доход USD $0 $0 $0 $0 $0
Название пула Слиты Ком % Мин. выплата Майнеры Mh/s Статус
Mine2gether 0.25 1 2 0.000068 8 минут назад

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Alloy is a privacy focused Cryptocurrency based on the CryptoNote technology, alloy seeks to be easy to use with relatively zero fees. Alloy is inspired by Bitcoin however, Alloy is not a Bitcoin fork.

ОбъявленныйFeb 2018
Разветвленный от BCN
Майнинг АлгоCN Alloy
Время блока180 сек
Десятичные знаки12
Награда за блок30
Текущий блок974,829
Исторические данныеJSON
CN15. Feb 2018
CN Alloy02. May 2018
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Ticker: XAO
Maximum Supply:  84 million XAO
Block time: 3 minutes (180 seconds)
Mining Maturity depth: 30 blocks
Mining: CPU and GPU mining supported
Block reward: Alloy's initial block reward is 80 XAO (Algorithm: (maxSupply - alreadyGeneratedCoin) >> emissionFactor)
Difficulty: Zawy Difficulty Algorithm
P2P-bind-port: 1810
RPC-bind-port: 1811


The Next Generation Anonymous Cryptocurrency

Decentralized cryptocurrencies are slowly becoming a part of normal everyday life, adapting to create a new revolutionary economy based on digital money. Alloy allows anyone to send money digitally over our decentralized blockchain instantly, anywhere in the world, to anyone in the world, anonymously.

True Privacy
Alloy is one of a few rare cryptocurrencies with true privacy - a feature that makes digital currency act like physical cash and be essentially untraceable. Alloy is created with high level of secrecy in mind, leveraging Ring Signatures to conceal sources/amounts transferred and make it highly resistant to blockchain-analysis attacks and general snooping.

Fast Transactions
3 minutes block times assure for fast transactions and miner friendliness.

Easy To Mine
Difficulty changes along a smooth curve to assure a fair and equitable experience for miners.

Strong Security
Alloy utilizes the power of a distributed peer-to-peer consensus network and every transaction is cryptographically secured. Individual accounts have a mnemonic seed displayed when created, which can be written down to back up the account and account files are encrypted with a passphrase to ensure they additionally protected.

Why should I invest in Alloy?

- Alloy was created with long-term ecosystem vision in mind with a comprehensive roadmap of new functionality for the privacy conscious individual.
- Alloy’s team is comprised of a collection of seasoned crypto-engineers that want to reshape the path of privacy technology.
- Alloy’s fundamental base of code is well known and rigorously tested. It provides a stable base from which to grow and add revolutionary new features.

What does the team intend to do with premined coins?

The majority of the premined coins will be used to fund ecosystem projects and exchange listings. We structured the project so 95% of the available coins were left for miners.

XAO Обои, баннеры, обложки
ВЕРХНЯЯ XAO Майнинг прибор
AMD Vega56 1,000 h/s
AMD Vega64 1,000 h/s
AMD Frontier 1,000 h/s
AMD EPYC 7501 993 h/s
AMD EPYC 7551 993 h/s
AMD EPYC 7601 993 h/s
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