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Nerva (XNV)


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Nerva XNV Blocks 41 36 38 272 1166
Наградe XNV 12.3 10.8 11.4 81.6 350
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NERVA (XNV) is an untraceable and secure cryptocurrency aiming to be GPU and ASIC resistant via the new Cryptonight Adaptive POW algorithm. NERVA offers true privacy and fungibility, is totally untraceable and unlinkable, with users and transfer amounts hidden from the public

ОбъявленныйMay 2018
Разветвленный от XMR
Майнинг АлгоCNAdaptive
Время блока60 сек
Десятичные знаки12
Награда за блок0.3
Текущий блок2,931,783
Исторические данныеJSON
CNAdaptive03. May 2020
* Монеты, перечисленные на Cryptunit показаны.

Total Supply: 18.44 million coins + tail emission
Premine: 1.05% (193,861 XNV)

Our Mission

Crypto for everyone

Crypto should be for everyone, not just those who can afford the hardware to mine it. NERVA allows you to mine on standard desktop computers, without elaborate hardware or software configurations. Because if crypto is going to be our future, then we all need to be able to be a part of it. 

On the cutting edge

NERVA is widely known as an experimental coin. But that's just cause we're doing things a bit differently. With a custom Proof of Work algorithm, the focus on solo CPU mining and the accelerated emission curve, NERVA is changing the way people think about cryptocurrencies and how they are mined and traded.

A simple use case

Our use case is simple. To provide a stable blockchain with fast, low fee transfers usable by anyone with a straightforward, no nonsense interface. To provide the tools and resources to assist developers to integrate NERVA into their systems and use NERVA as an alternate payment method.

A new POW algorithm

NERVA utilizes the brand new and exclusive Cryptonight Adaptive algorithm, with the aim of promoting decentralization and a preference for CPU miners


NERVA believes facing the issues in crypto are far more important than the personal wealth of individuals. There was no ICO, just a fair launch for those who want to help provide a brighter future for crypto.

Energy efficient

No need to run separate GPU mining rigs or other specialized hardware. Mine coins on your current computer with no additional software.

Fast transactions

A one minute block time and stable blockchain mean your funds quickly arrive at their destination. Fast transactions, combined with low fees, allow you to send and receive NERVA quickly and cost effectively.


Based on the Monero, NERVA combines cryptonote's first class privacy and fungibility with an emphasis towards decentralization. Parties to each transaction remain anonymous and keep their transaction histories hidden with NERVA.

Fair distribution

An emphasis on CPU mining and no additional mining software means anyone can get involved quickly and easily.

XNV Обои, баннеры, обложки
Рекомендуемые XNV Майнеры
ВЕРХНЯЯ XNV Майнинг прибор
AMD EPYC 7501 1,700 h/s
AMD EPYC 7551 1,700 h/s
AMD EPYC 7601 1,700 h/s
AMD EPYC 7451 1,620 h/s
AMD EPYC 7401 1,590 h/s
AMD EPYC 7351P 1,400 h/s
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