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PLCU cryptocurrency: a detailed review of one of the most promising coins of 2022

Monday, May 30, 2022 | Cryptunit

The coronavirus pandemic has completely transformed our world. Nevertheless, it's probably for the best. We now have the latest technology, the ability to navigate any situation, no matter how complex, and a very different economy. That is why cryptocurrencies are now experiencing almost a second birth. From Coinsbit to US banks, many cryptocurrency services offer crypto-denominated financial services to consumers. You can take out a loan through crypto coins, pay for a manicure, or even buy groceries. That is the reality for some people right now. The PLCU project got created for those who cannot afford to buy access to expensive infrastructure instead of using Bitcoin with its fluctuating exchange rate.

PLC Ultima: a long-awaited cryptocurrency from Alex Reinhardt

PLCU Coin is a crypto created on the Litecoin blockchain by venture investor and serial entrepreneur Alex Reinhardt. He has more than twenty startups in the field of FinTech and IT, so Alex Reinhardt knows a lot about innovation and technology. Thanks to his choice of blockchain, PLCU

is much more secure than Bitcoin and more stable than currencies that depend on the tweets of an odious businessperson. The project was built in 2016 by a team of developers from Switzerland. Today's PLCU token grew out of Platincoin, an entire ecosystem from Alex Reinhardt that combines cryptocurrency, a marketplace for discounted goods and services, and even a crowdfunding service. These apps operate today, with more than a million users from 120 countries. Impressive, isn't it?

The creators of PLC Ultima coin have based their new development on this undoubted success. The coin has a specific philosophy: it doesn't seek to compete with USDT for the right to be considered the most stable on the exchange and doesn't poach Vitaly Buterin's followers into its ranks. Instead, the token intends to become an international payment medium, accessible to most population segments in many countries. The developers envisioned it as the same piece that the crypto industry needed to expand into untapped territories. Today, Alex Reinhardt’s coin has every chance of becoming a next-generation payment medium: it is hacker-proof, easy to use, and accessible to almost any internet user.

How is PLCU different from other cryptocurrencies?

1. Philosophy. It is very different from other currencies created primarily to make money for their owners, and it has all chance to become the number one means of payment. It also helps ordinary users who don't understand the intricacies of the market to earn money by keeping PLCU coins in their cryptocurrency wallets. Also, the coin supports sustainability, so it doesn't use mining technology.

2. Stability. The coin is not tied to market trends, and therefore its exchange rate does not fall after bitcoin or the dollar. Besides, the basis of the coin is the real economy, where there is rarely any substantial volatility. Due to its guaranteed exchange rate, the PLCU coin is ranked as the most stable cryptocurrency in 2022.

3. The willingness to work with the real economy here and now. The currency creators envisioned it as a means of international payments rather than a volatile story dependent on one or more people and their social media behavior. The coin is designed for day-to-day use and works as a money-making range. You can use it to just pay for goods and services.

PLC Ultima Farm: how to make money from cryptocurrency if you don't understand it at all

If you want just to invest in crypto, PLCU can offer good passive income. It is, however, limited. The system of earning money here is called minting. It functions roughly in the same way as a holding. There is no need to buy worthy power miners and pay the big electric bill.

To earn money, you will have to purchase a currency, namely PLCU. A special certificate will limit the number of coins you can put to work and protect you from scammers. The certificate will spell out how many tokens you can use for holding, i.e., freeze, and how many tokens you will earn. The amount of passive income is known before you freeze your funds.

Then, you will need to sign up for a PLC Ultima Wallet. That is a wallet where you will keep your funds converted into PLCU cryptocurrency. Then, you will transfer funds to your separate wallet on the 'farm,' where the coins will be frozen. The currency creators ensured that it is not frozen in the main wallet, as with other coins.

Finally, you will need to log in to the PLC Ultima Farm app with the username and password you received during registration in the wallet. Login and password will be the same for all ecosystem applications. Therefore, you don't have to worry about forgetting the code required to enter the service. In this app, you can activate your certificate and freeze the coins.

So, it's done! Your permanent passive income system is up and running. Mining won't burn up your smartphone battery or require constant user input. You limit the supply of Coins on the market, which (assuming users will still be interested in coins) will be one of the factors that will make crypto exchange rates go up. Note that the income, in this case, is limited and guaranteed. We don't know of any other crypto-money that offers this kind of income outside of the exchange, with its sometimes steep interest rates. This side hustle can be a great addition to your salary in the current environment! Or even a full-time income - it's all up to you.

PLCU price: what is the secret of its success?

We want to emphasize PLCU's coin's incredible success in its value on the exchange. The updated coin got released in December 2021. At that time, the price of PLC Ultima was $0.10 per unit. Then, in just a few months, the value of PLCU rocketed to $116,000! Of course, very unusual for a market in which most of the coins are in one way or another tied to each other. Therefore their creators cannot find any leverage on their exchange rate when it falls. Bitcoin alone has had a roller-coaster of fluctuating values that has repeatedly caused investors to panic. Experts attribute such behavior of the coin after its release to its connection to the real economy rather than the cryptocurrency sector and the high need for such a coin. It is understandable why investors are rushing to buy this particular crypto rather than endless Doge-coins, and other coins. What's happening with the price of PLC Ultima now?

At the moment, the price of PLCU is $90,000. That's almost double the value of bitcoin. And, according to data, presented by Alex Reinhardt, that figure is set to rise: the currency is at the very start of its triumphant journey worldwide. So, if you would like to make money from a cryptocurrency, join it as an adept, or try its use in your daily life - don't hesitate!


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