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Aluisyo is a decentralized cryptocurrency based on cryptonote with blockchain banking features and secure messaging. Aluisyo is a fairly launched coin without any premine, ico or dev fee.

AMD Vega56 3,800 h/s AMD Vega64 3,800 h/s AMD Frontier 3,800 h/s AMD EPYC 7501 2,975 h/s AMD EPYC 7551 2,975 h/s AMD EPYC 7601 2,975 h/s

Aluisyo mining pools

Pool name Fee % Payout Miners Mh/s % Status Last check 1 1 1 0.002
Active 8 min ago Visit pool 1 1 2 0.019
Active 35 min ago Visit pool
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Aluisyo markets

Currently unknown. Please visit the Aluisyo website and find out more.

Aluisyo details

Max Supply: 200 million
Block Time: 120 seconds
Block Reward: smoothly increasing, starting from 5 all the way up-to 50
P2P: 18001
RPC: 19000
Genesis Date: 25-02-19


Transactions are confirmed by distributed consensus and then immutably recorded on the blockchain


During a funds transfer, the users information is not broadcasted on the blockchain


Aluisyo use Ring signatures to make transactions untraceable. The transactions cannot be linked to a particular user or their real identity.


The blockchain features a banking system which includes deposits and investments


A user can send anonymous and self destructive messages on the blockchain

AnnouncedFeb 2019
Forked from CCX
Block time120 sec
Last reward5.25
Current height32343
Aluisyo Algo Changes
CN Fast13. Apr 2019
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