CryptUnit Cryptonote Mining Profitability Calculator & Tools (BETA)
How to mine CryptoNote currencies? Cryptonote algorithm based cryptocurrencies, it relies on Ring Signatures in order to provide a certain degree of privacy when making a transaction. CryptoNote is a Proof of Work cryptocurrency that can be miner with computational power from a CPU or GPU. There are currently no ASICs for Monero, which means that anyone with a computer can mine it!
The first thing you need to think about is if you are going to mine solo or on a pool. Mining on a pool usually comes with a fee but also has it's advantages. Users that don't have enough computational power may have to wait long periods of time before getting a reward, in a pool users pull their efforts together in order to reduce variance and have a steady flow of income.
SRBMiner Cryptonight AMD GPU Miner Supports: Cryptonight, Cryptonight V7, Cryptonight Lite, Cryptonight Lite V7, Cryptonight Heavy, Cryptonight Ipbc, Cryptonight ArtoCash, Cryptonight Alloy, Cryptonight MarketCash. BitcoinTalk XMRigCC Enhanced version of XMRig that adds remote control, mass config edit, threadbased multihash mode, monitoring and TLS. GitHub Simple Miner Simple Miner is the easiest way to mine cryptonight coins with your CPU. Software is made for begginners and advanced miners to comfortable and efficient mining. Download XMR-Stak XMR-Stak is a universal Stratum pool miner. This miner supports CPUs, AMD and NVIDIA gpus and can be used to mine the crypto currency Monero and Aeon. GitHub XMrig AMD (OpenCL) miner XMRig is high performance Monero (XMR) OpenCL miner, with the official full Windows support. GPU mining part based on Wolf9466 and psychocrypt code. GitHub XMrig NVIDIA GPU miner XMRig is high performance Monero (XMR) NVIDIA miner, with the official full Windows support. GPU mining part based on psychocrypt code used in xmr-stak-nvidia. GitHub XMrig CPU Miner XMRig is a high performance Monero (XMR) CPU miner, with official support for Windows. Originally based on cpuminer-multi with heavy optimizations/rewrites and removing a lot of legacy code, since version 1.0.0 completely rewritten from scratch on C++. GitHub sgminer This is a multi-threaded multi-pool GPU miner with ATI GPU monitoring, (over)clocking and fanspeed support for scrypt-based cryptocurrency. It is based on cgminer by Con Kolivas (ckolivas), which is in turn based on cpuminer by Jeff Garzik (jgarzik). GitHub ATI miner by Claymore Claymore's CryptoNight AMD GPU Miner. This miner is free-to-use, however, current developer fee is 1% if you use secure SSL/TLS connection to mining pool, every hour the miner mines for 36 seconds for developer. If you use unsecure connection to mining pool, current developer fee is 1.5%, every hour the miner mines for 54 seconds for developer. Download CUDA ccminer by tsiv A modification of Christian Buchner's & Christian H.'s ccminer project by tsiv for Cryptonight mining GitHub
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