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ETN Classic
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ETN Classic

ETN Classic

Electroneum Classic takes Electroneum v2.0.0.0, which is pre-hardfork back to ASICS, and improves it. We added Zawy LWMA difficulty algo to prevent hashrate fluctuations and make 51% attacks much harder. 

AnnouncedJul 2018
Forked from
Hashing algoCN V8
Block time sec
Decimal places2
Last reward0
Current height469,724
Historical dataJSON
CN V823. Jan 2019
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Ticker: ETNC
Block time: 60 second 
total supply: 21,000,000,000 
Zawy LWMA diff algo
Premine: 5% of total coins (1.05 billion) have been premined in block 1.

What is Electroneum Classic?

It takes Electroneum v2.0.0.0, which is pre-hardfork back to ASICS, and improves it. We rebased on Monero, added Bulletproofs, added Zawy LWMA3 difficulty algo to prevent hashrate fluctuations and make 51% attacks much harder. We are using CryptonightV7 CryptonightV8, with a custom variant of cryptonight a future possibility if new threats arise.

- CryptonightV8 (cn_variant 2)
- Bulletproofs
- 11 Min Ring Size
- 60 second block time
- 21,000,000,000 total supply
- Zawy LWMA3 difficulty algorithm
- Bandwith Mining

What is wrong with Electroneum?

Electroneum had a 60% premine of 12.6 Billion coins, with a total supply of 21 Billion. This is clear dishonesty and there is about ~7 billion unaccounted coins (mined to an untraceable wallet in block 1) from what was stated in their ICO. The current circulating supply is not 7,309,891,787 ETN as coinmarketcap states but it is ~14.9 billion.

Electroneum Classic blocks reward you with ~18,000 ETNC per block currently. On Electroneum the block reward at the start of the blockchain was ~8,000 ETN, now its around ~6,000 ETN. Dont forget ETN has 120 second blocktimes after their recent hardfork, so divide the emission by 2 to get the equivalent to a 60 second block time chain. This is a huge scam, you take a 60% premine, and as a result, the emission curve gets all messed up, making it 2.25x harder to mine. Meaning your 60% premine is much larger, as others cannot take advantage of the easy emissions for being an early adopter.

Use Cases

We want Electroneum Classic to become the go to for private and fast transactions. Paying for a coffee, transferring a large balance or even paying for a VPN should be possible within minutes with full privacy.

- Less than 0.01$ transaction fee
- Fast first confirmation, about 1 minutes
- Private and Anonymous, CryptoNote technology
- You can buy a Socks5/VPN with it

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