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The main advantage of Fonero is the use of Ring Confidential Transactions (RingCT) for all transactions. Fonero is the ultimate confidentiality for the transfer of money and information. It aimed on full decentralisation in the system of transferring of digital assets. Fonero is not only a crypto currency, it is a decentralised digital system. Fonero is based on CryptoNote technology and uses a unique encrypted data  transfer system that works on the basis of the blockchain.

AMD Vega56 2,000 h/s AMD Vega64 2,000 h/s AMD Frontier 2,000 h/s AMD EPYC 7501 1,700 h/s AMD EPYC 7551 1,700 h/s AMD EPYC 7601 1,700 h/s

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Fonero markets

Currently unknown. Please visit the Fonero website and find out more.
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