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Zelerius (ZLS)


(2% )
0.00000022 BTC

0.078 Mh/s




0.97 BTC

4.07 ZLS

Last reward



1h AVG
24h AVG
24h AVG
24h AVG
Zelerius Rewards ZLS 300 200 311 2,179 9,338
Revenue BTC 0.000066 0.000062 0.000080 0.00056 0.0024
Revenue USD $0.44 $0.42 $0.54 $3.76 $16.1
Zelerius mining pools
Pool Name Merged Fee % Min Pay Miners Mh/s Status
Cryptohispano.net 1 1 0 0 1 min ago
Zelerius.org 1 1 2 0.00014 26 min ago
vip69.ru 0.5 1 2 0.0019 14 min ago
Zelerius.ru 0.1 1 5 0.027 32 min ago
Fairhash.org 1 1 12 0.054 5 min ago
Zelerius markets
Exchange Pair 24h ZLS 24h USD Last check
Birake Birake ZLS/BTC 4,404,416 $10,953 2 hour ago


Thanks to Zelerius technology, you can make transfers from any place. Payments are immediate and confirmed in a few minutes. Zelerius is a payment system ready for use wherever you are, even in remote places. We work to build a simple and easy network.

AnnouncedJul 2018
Forked from BCN
Hashing algoCN ZLS
Block time30 sec
Decimal places12
Last reward4.07
Current height1,620,266
Historical dataJSON
CN V706. Dec 2018
CN V815. Dec 2018
CN ZLS27. Mar 2020
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Max supply: Infinity Supply
12 Decimals
NO PREMINED COINS, no shenanigans! 

White paper

Emission curve

The reward will decrease until it becomes a fixed amount per block forever (0.35 ZLS). This will occur approximately in 2025.

Miners need an incentive to mine. If mining is not profitable due to a high cost and low reward, miners lose their incentive and will stop mining, reducing the security of the network because of that block reward will never be zero. 

Telegram Wallet

We have developed a Telegram Wallet. We think that making a transfer should be as simple as sending a message to your friends. Zelerius is not related with Telegram but we know how to use the technology Telegram provides.


We have substantially reduced the time between blocks. Now, one block is discovered every 30 seconds, this makes the network very fast. Zelerius transactions are sent instantly and confirmed in just a few minutes.

Continuous Development

Zelerius team is made up of Software Engineers. We study the behavior of the network and regularly release updates in order to improve the network day after day.

Open Source

Zelerius is Open Source project, behind Zelerius is a free software community. This community brings new ideas and improvements.


We highly value user experience to learn the behaviour of the network helping users through our channels: Twitter, Telegram, e-mail...


Zelerius provides anonymity in each transaction, this means that only participants of a given transaction know the details about it.

ZLS Wallpapers, Banners, Covers
AMD Vega56 2,000 h/s
AMD Vega64 2,000 h/s
AMD Frontier 2,000 h/s
AMD EPYC 7501 1,700 h/s
AMD EPYC 7551 1,700 h/s
AMD EPYC 7601 1,700 h/s
Zelerius Wallets
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