Cryptonote Market Cap: $2,345,383,505 24h Volume: $44,181,233 Exchanges: 32 Coins: 78 (29 tradable) Bitcoin BTC $65,829 Monero XMR $120

Binance DEX

Cryptocurrency Exchange
Make Sponsored 24h Vol: $240
Markets: 1
CN Pairs: 1
Type: Centralized

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Binance DEX details

What are Binance Chain and Binance DEX?

Binance Chain is a blockchain software system developed by Binance and its community. Binance DEX refers to the decentralized exchange features developed on top of Binance Chain.

What can I do with Binance Chain?

The purpose of the new blockchain and DEX is to create an alternative marketplace for issuing and exchanging digital assets in a decentralized manner.

You can:

- Send and receive BNB
- Issue new tokens to digitalize assets, and use Binance Chain as underlying exchange/transfer network for the assets
- Send, receive, burn/mint and freeze/unfreeze tokens
- Propose to create trading pairs between two different tokens
- Send orders to buy or sell assets through trading pairs created on the chain
- Watch the DEX market to confirm price and market activity of certain assets

You can also:

- Explore the transaction history and blocks on the chain, via Binance Chain Explorer, API and node RPC interfaces.
- Run a full node to listen to and broadcast live updates on transactions, blocks, and consensus activities
- Extract other data of Binance Chain via full node or APIs
- Apply to run a validator node
- Develop tools and application to help users use Binance Chain and Binance DEX
- In the future you may also be able to stake your BNB to join Chain Governance, if you so wish.

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