Cryptonote Market Cap: $1,704,056,845 24h Volume: $206,989,741 Exchanges: 82 Coins: 102 (61 tradable) Bitcoin BTC $10,472 Monero XMR $90.1


Cryptocurrency Exchange
Make Sponsored 24h Vol: $10,398,855,121
Markets: 17
CN Pairs: 35
Type: Centralized

CITEX Cryptonote Markets

Coin Pair 24h Coins 24h USD Last check
Monero Monero XMR/ETH 4,469,445 393,846,140 4 hour ago
Haven Haven XHV/USDT 552,733 1,185,877 2 hour ago
Haven Haven XHV/BTC 481,529 1,008,217 2 hour ago
Wownero Wownero WOW/BTC 9,875,834 352,278 2 hour ago
Dero Dero DERO/USDT 588,247 328,781 2 hour ago
Dero Dero DERO/BTC 545,405 299,901 2 hour ago
Conceal Conceal CCX/BTC 3,803,180 298,358 2 hour ago
Qwertycoin Qwertycoin QWC/ETH 10,000,000,000 226,989 2 hour ago
ArQmA ArQmA ARQ/BTC 23,327,768 219,621 2 hour ago
Conceal Conceal CCX/USDT 2,206,567 173,137 2 hour ago
Blur Network Blur Network BLUR/BTC 4,773,849 86,415 2 hour ago
Masari Masari MSR/USDT 5,425,405 75,887 2 hour ago
Masari Masari MSR/BTC 5,408,493 74,715 2 hour ago
Swap Swap XWP/BTC 2,363,101 70,004 2 hour ago
Sumokoin Sumokoin SUMO/USDT 1,172,124 49,735 2 hour ago
Sumokoin Sumokoin SUMO/BTC 1,179,681 48,881 2 hour ago
Swap Swap XWP/USDT 1,365,596 41,358 2 hour ago
Karbo Karbo KRB/BTC 661,864 38,174 2 hour ago
TurtleCoin TurtleCoin TRTL/BTC 164,415,944 2,581 2 hour ago
X-CASH X-CASH XCASH/ETH 26,827,935 636 2 hour ago
X-CASH X-CASH XCASH/USDT 18,460,818 462 2 hour ago
Qwertycoin Qwertycoin QWC/USDT 3,089,293 12.4 2 hour ago

Citex details

CITEX is a peer-to-peer digital asset trading platform with the aim to open up a digital asset trading platform for full process transfer, payment and transaction of legal currency. CITEX is committed to providing a safe, efficient and open block chain digital asset trading and hosting platform with trust.

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