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Type: Centralized

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Coinbig details

Global Preference Project

COINBIG project team has been deeply working on the development of industrial chain. With the independent and professional blockchain research evaluation mechanism, COINBIG selects preference project all over the world , and minimize the risk of projects.

Bank-Level Security Protection

COINBIG's technical experts understand the characteristics of the digital asset industry very well. With the first digital asset transactionplatform that utilize cold wallet charge system + multi signature strategy , professional distributed framework and DDOS attack defend system, furthermore, COINBIG partnered with leading security team to keep user’s account and assets safely.

Risk Provisions

COINBIG will not use user’s digital assets for any purpose and commit the 100% risk provisions. After the user issues an application for withdrawal of assets, COINBIG will transfer the assets instantaneously.

Instant Customer Support System

COINBIG's global project development and operation management system brings together global liquidity. With the ingenuity and customer-oriented principle, we provide 7x24 hours of high-quality and fast service to investors all over the world.


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