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Hubi details

Hubi ( is a global digital economy service provider, with the innovative mode of "Everyone is a partner, everyone is a CEO". Hubi's exclusive "Platform + Super partner + Alliance ecology" advantages provide global users with one-stop digital economy services of lower threshold, better service and greater liquidity.

Strategic Advantage

Global Digital Economy Service Provider Everyone is a partner,everyone is a CEO.
Lower entry threshold, wider coverage, deeper services and the overall liquidity of global digital asset super partners are aggregated to build the ecological liquidity of Hubi exchange.

Technical Advantags

Hubi super background can easily realize the independent and decentralized management of each node of alliance
Independently developed high-speed transaction matching engine, up to millions of TPS per second
Autonomous matching algorithm of transaction stack, interleaved intelligent matching alliance orders: node-order-order (JDD), node-order-node-order (JD)
Cross-regional distributed service cluster to ensure the stability and efficiency of cross-regional services

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