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Make Sponsored 24h Vol: $3,364,385
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CN Pairs: 9
Type: Centralized

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VCC Exchange details

VCC Exchange is a Singapore-based digital asset exchange focusing on blockchain.

Our core competencies are heavily geared towards technology and user experience. We are users too, and we aim to provide you with a credible and transparent exchange, where users can actually trust and use in a long-run, not short-term usage.

With that in mind, as we grow, the role of VCC is not limited to a trading platform, but also blockchain startup crowdfunding, including IEO and incubation programs.


- Connected to liquidity pool and security infrastructure of Bittrex, you can enjoy Bittrex's popular user experience at VCC Exchange

- Supports all devices and multiple languages, offering a seamless user experience.

- English & Vietnamese customer support 24/7

- Founded by reputable, well-known individuals in the blockchain, technology & startup fields

- Invested by prestigious venture capitalists such as Signum Capital, with vast South East Asia network for partnerships and developments

- VCC's platform has deployed on 5+ exchanges and serving millions of users worldwide


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