Cryptonote Market Cap: $3,369,344,128 24h Volume: $77,455,276 Exchanges: 46 Coins: 71 (30 tradable) Bitcoin BTC $43,664 Monero XMR $176


Cryptocurrency Exchange
Make Sponsored 24h Vol: $215,654
Markets: 6
CN Pairs: 15
Type: Centralized

XeggeX Cryptonote Markets

Coin Pair 24h Coins 24h USD Last check
Kryptokrona Kryptokrona XKR/USDT 9,775,810 58,449 2 hour ago
Monero Monero XMR/USDT 307 54,054 1 hour ago
Zephyr Zephyr ZEPH/USDT 1,864 47,773 4 hour ago
Dynex Dynex DNX/USDT 36,721 31,619 1 hour ago
Monero Monero XMR/BTC 40.2 7,071 4 hour ago
Zano Zano ZANO/USDT 2,091 5,396 4 hour ago
Zephyr Zephyr ZEPH/BTC 127 3,217 4 hour ago
Dynex Dynex DNX/BTC 3,310 2,844 1 hour ago
Scala Scala XLA/USDT 21,688,298 2,213 1 hour ago
Monero Monero PRCY/XMR 129,871 1,099 5 hour ago
Kryptokrona Kryptokrona XKR/BTC 170,815 999 1 hour ago
Scala Scala XLA/BTC 5,038,022 521 1 hour ago
Monero Monero XMR/LTC 1.88 329 4 hour ago
Zano Zano ZANO/BTC 16.3 39.4 1 hour ago
Monero Monero PEPEW/XMR 621,863 29.2 5 hour ago

XeggeX details

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Are you tired of paying high trading fees and waiting for manual processing? Say goodbye to those frustrations and join XeggeX, a full-service cryptocurrency exchange. Trade a variety of digital assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin with ultra-low fees and lightning fast deposits, withdrawals, and trades. Our platform is fast, secure, and fully supported, ensuring you have a seamless trading experience. Sign up in less than 3 minutes and start trading smarter, not harder.

Our exchange runs on some of the fastest servers in the industry and include comprehensive DDoS Mitigation to protect us and guarantee up-time stability.
We take our security very seriously. We provide cold storage, two factor authentication, live backups , encrypted wallets and much more.
Full Time Support
We take pride in our quick responses and resolutions. Our team is available every day of the year. We are always ready to answer questions or resolve any issues.

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