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Lethean (LTHN)



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Lethean Nagrade LTHN 496 459 441 3,090 13,243
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Naziv pula Spojeni Prov % Min. isplata Rudari Mh/s Status 0.7 1 0 0 2 min ranije 0.5 1 2 0.00055 14 min ranije 0 15 1 0.0038 14 min ranije 0.9 15 1 0.0044 4 min ranije
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Farewell, Intense Coin, and hello, Lethean! Lethean, pronounced lee-thee-in, is based on the river Lethe in classical Greek mythology. The river caused souls that drank from it to forget their past. Our logo also represents the Helm of Hades, also known as the Helm of Invisibility. The Helm of Invisibility was said to make wearers become invisible to other supernatural entities, acting like a cloud of mist that the gods surround themselves in which makes them undetectable.

PredstavljenAug 2018
Forkovano sa XMR
Hashing algoritamCN R
Vreme bloka120 sek
Decimalna mesta8
Trenutna visina1,075,325
Istorijski podaciJSON
CN08. Feb 2018
CN V722. Apr 2018
CN V825. Oct 2018
CN R10. Mar 2019
*Prikazani su samo coini koji se nalaze na Cryptunitu.

Ticker: LTHN
Max supply: Infinite*
Blocktime: 120 sec
Block reward: 1900 – smoothly decreasing over time**
Premine back in Aug 2017: 150 Million
Date of launch: 15 Aug 2017
Premine now in Aug 2018: 100 Million reserved for Lethean Core Team and Advisory Board 
20 million coins are reserved for the Lethean Foundation, and the other 30 million have been spent during the last year on promotions, partnerships, infrastructure, and giveaways.

* Total number of atomic units is 99948151623421337 (remember. 8 decimal places, so 999,481,516.23421337 LTHN). However, once the block reward reaches 29 LTHN per minute (about halfway through year 2024) that is treated as the minimum subsidy, which means that Lethean’s total emission will forever increase by  15,242,400 LTHN annually (about a 1.5% inflation rate)

** Base reward = (Total Supply (coins) – Already Generated (coins)) * 2-19

White paper



Whether it’s greedy ISPs selling your internet profile to corporations, governmental censorship and monitoring of political opposition, or even skilled hackers trying to steal your identity, all of these entities can access your browsing history.


You can have videos blocked from viewing depending on your geolocation, but you can also have other types of content blocked like medical resources, religious websites, cultural articles, political events, or scientific papers. If your country ever blocks access to Netflix, Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube, you will need Lethean.


You can have direct support from our community or team members any time of the day, any day of the week, on our server here.


No need for yearly or monthly subscriptions, no more paying in advance hoping that the company will provide the service you paid for. Start paying per minute of usage, adjustable to when and for how long you need to be anonymous.


Get paid for your unused internet and lower your monthly costs. Earn a passive income whenever you want from your already paid-for internet connection.


We use blockchain technology with Cryptonight-based privacy protocols to ensure anonymous payments throughout the network, allowing you to become more private than other centralized VPN providers allow you to be.


Untraceable Payments

Lethean utilizes CryptoNote, an anonymous payment system that not only obscures the origin of your payments, but also allows you to sign messages on behalf of yourself or a group. To maintain anonymity, all that the signature proves is that the message was created by somebody in the group – who exactly signed it remains a secret. This is called Ring Signature technology, and it is one of the most important elements in remaining anonymous.

Unlinkable transactions

While outgoing payments are untraceable, ordinarily one might be able to observe the receipt address of funds and be able to determine one’s monetary worth regardless. This is why a user has multiple, unique one-time addresses linked to their public key, which are derived from a variation on the Diffie-Hellman protocol. When Lethean is sent to one of these addresses, it can only be redeemed by the owner of the addresses. This feature ensures that one stays untraceable, and that payments are unlinkable to each other.

Double-spending proof

Every transaction contains an image of a key, which is more or less a splitting image of the secret key. It’s based on a one-way cryptographic function that ensures that it is logistically impossible to reproduce the actual secret key given only this image. These key images are used to prevent somebody attempting to spend the same money twice but only actually spending it once, otherwise known as a “double-spend”. Safety is one of our top priorities, which is why we have implemented this system.

Blockchain analysis resistance

Non-repetitive single-use addresses and different keys used with Ring Signature make the blockchain nearly impervious to analysis. Every transaction increases the amount of obstacles that an analyst would have to overcome to form any sort of correlation between transactions or keys.

Egalitarian proof of work

The way Lethean is mined is by a proof-of-work system, by which a machine generates hashes and verifies that submitted transactions are valid. In this way, mining is a process by which everyone ‘votes’ on transactions and blocks with their collective hashing. CryptoNote and the Cryptonight mining algorithm ensure that everyone has an equal chance at voting due to its heavy use of built-in CPU instructions, which are difficult and costly to implement into specialized mining-only machines sometimes known as ASICs, but are available by default on any regular PC.

Adaptive parameters

In a decentralized payment system, things should not revolve around a single person’s decisions, even if that single person is a lead developer. CryptoNote avoids this by making sure there are no hard-coded numbers, instead allowing key numbers to be dynamically re-calculated based on previous network conditions. This allows the system itself to adapt independently, instead of requiring decisions from one specific group.

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