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Masari Web Wallet

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Masari Web Wallet details

Official Masari Web Wallet - Fully client-side

This web wallet is doing everything client-side to give the best privacy to users. The server is currently only used to optimize the communication with the daemon and compress the blockchain.


No keys, seeds, or sensitive data is sent to the server
If you find a potential security issue, please contact me so we/I can patch it as soon as possible.
Encryption is done with a certified library, Tweetnacl.Js.

Features (non-exhaustive)

- Complete wallet sync without server side processing for security
- Receive/send history
- Mempool support to check incoming transfers
- Send coins - including QR code scanning and subaddress support
- Receive page to generate a custom QR code
- Import from private keys, mnemonic seed, or json file (exported by the wallet)
- Export private keys, mnemonic phrase, or json file (which include all the history)
- View only wallet
- Basic network stats

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