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The Chimera Project (CMRA) An open source project focused upon the creation of a cryptographic information structure powered by the world's leading community of developers.

AnnouncedOct 2019
Forked from TRTL
Hashing algoCN Turtle
Block time0 sec
Decimal places2
Last reward0
Current height0
Historical dataJSON
CN Turtle05. Nov 2019
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Max Supply:
Premine: 10%

Chimera refers to an organism that is composed of cells from differing genetic origins. Here, we seek to create a chimeric cryptographic network. In essence, we are evolving a cryptographic network using the contributions of developers from diverse backgrounds- a revolutionary data hybrid, a chimera. 

Rewards Distribution

Proof of work will provide 60% of CMRA. CMRA will be also distributed through Proof of Stack (30%). A founders' allocation of 10% will be set aside to facilitate active development and project management. 

Proof of Work

60% of all CMRA will be distributed as block rewards mined through proof of work by solving the Cryptonight Turtlecoin v2 algorithm. The reward structure is fixed. However, the algorithm and codebase are subject to change as the project evolves.

Proof of Stack

70% of POSt is allocated to the dev foundation for rewarding existing/ongoing chimera projects. 30% of POSt will be distributed by airdrop to highly active developers on Github. All unclaimed POSt coins will be burned.

Proof of Stack Airdrops

The 30% POSt airdrop distribution:
50% to highest Turtlecoin contributors
25% to highest Bytecoin, Monero and related fork contributors
25% to high contributors for other open source cryptocurrency projects

Open-ended development

True innovation in itself is the goal of this project. We are beginning with a stable codebase that is derived from Bytecoin and Monero but most recently refined by Turtlecoin developers. The algorithm we have chosen is Cryptonight Turtle v2 which is ASIC and FPGA resistant thereby preventing network anomalies during development. The added benefits for use of this codebase are the light weight privacy features which serve as an interesting foundation for future development. In addition, this algorithm offers similar performance for CPUs and GPUs making it practical for anyone to participate in mining.

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