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Discoin + Rewards DSCN 647 648 636 4,451 19,076
Rewards CROAT 62.8 63 63.1 442 1,893
Revenue USD 0.15 0.15 0.18 1.23 5.28
Discoin Rewards DSCN 647 648 636 4,451 19,076
Revenue USD 0 0 0 0 0

The new coin for online shopping. Natively integrated. With the Discoin, change your approach to online payments with a cryptocurrency natively integrated in a fully digital business environment.

Baikal N240 240,000 h/s Baikal N70 70,000 h/s Baikal N plus 40,000 h/s Baikal Giant N 20,000 h/s AMD Vega56 2,000 h/s AMD Vega64 2,000 h/s

Discoin mining pools

Pool name Merged Fee % Pay Min Mh/s
Herominers.com N/A 0 100 0 0 Active 18 min ago Visit pool
Discodery.com N/A 2 100 1 2.4E-5 Active 3 min ago Visit pool
M2pool.eu 0.2 100 1 0.31 Active 15 min ago Visit pool
Pow-coin.com N/A 2 100 1 1.2 Error 2 min ago Visit pool N/A 2 100 1 1.34 Error 14 min ago Visit pool
Miner.rocks N/A 0.9 100 5 3.59 Active 27 min ago Visit pool
Discoin-pool.org N/A 0 5 22 43 Active 33 min ago Visit pool
Easyhash.pro N/A 0.1 100 64 153 Active 18 min ago Visit pool
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Discoin markets

Currently unknown. Please visit the Discoin website and find out more.

Discoin details

Max supply:
ICO: max 500.000.000

Multi-platform wallet. Built-in exchange


As exposed in our road map, the Discoin web wallet is the first released. Will follow an integrated exchange platform to allow you trading your Discoins. Then, we will release desktop and smartphone wallets and will integrate progressively popular exchange platforms.

Deep integration in the Discodery digital platform

The Discoin is going to be deeply integrated in the Discodery ecosystem, allowing to subscribe to one of the best digital solution with recursive payments and to collect payments from end-customers. Later, the same level of functionality will be featured in the public payment gateway API.

A rewarding platform, calling for sharing

Mining is of course an easy way to obtain some Discoin as a reward for your computing power, but it is not the only way. Because the Discoin is deeply integrated with the Discodery digital solution, you can be rewarded in Discoins by sharing about Discodery and the Discoin, by registering in the Discodery Partners program or by referring new customers.

Discoin ICO

The main goal of the ICO will be to support the launch of the Discoin as a cryptocurrency asset and help Discodery grow around the Discoin by integrating it in its ecosystem and by opening public APIs.

STAGE 01: Pre-sale

Distribution: 20,000,000 Discoins, including bonuses

STAGE 02: Main-sale

Distribution: Between 120,000,000 and 480,000,000 Discoins, including bonuses

Raised funds allocation

40% - Growth of the IT and development team

30% - Marketing and advertisement

15% - Legal implications around the project

15% - Remuneration of the founding team

Discoin features

Untraceable payments

Discoin payments are untraceable thanks to a completely anonymous payment scheme implementing a ring signature technology.

Unlinkable transactions

Receivers have multiple unique one-time addresses derived from their single public key which makes it impossible to cross-link payments.

Double-spending proof

Nobody is able to spend the same money twice thanks to the addition of a key image to every signature.

Blockchain analysis resistance

The unique one-time addresses and the ring signatures make the whole blockchain resistant to analysis.

Egalitarian proof of work

Discoin mining is opened to everyone with an ordinary computer bringing equality among all miners.

Built on top of CryptoNote

The Discoin is derived from the CryptoNote project, an open-source technology and concepts for the cryptocurrencies of the future.

AnnouncedJun 2019
Forked fromn/a
Block time120 sec
Last reward1,782
Current height384008
Discoin Algo Changes
CN16. Aug 2019
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