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Tellurium (TLRM)



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The Tellurium asset is an easy to use, private and secure digital currency - powered and developed by its community. It’s a cryptocurrency coin aiming to provide a platform on which a multitude of customized services can be deployed and utilized worldwide. Our platform provides untraceable payments,unlinkable transactions,double-spending proof and egalitarian proof-of-work.

AnnouncedApr 2019
Forked from TRTL
Hashing algoCN Turtle
Block time sec
Decimal places4
Last reward0
Current height0
Historical dataJSON
CN Turtle01. May 2019
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Supply: 1 Trillion assets
Emission Factor: 20
Mined block unlock window: 52
Blob Type: 0 (Merge mine ready)
Pre: 4.3% (Development & Bounties)
P2P port: 32301
RPC port: 32302

Tellurium is TurtleCoin codebase under the CryptoNight Turtle proof-of-work algorithm, designed to make CPU and GPU mining roughly equally efficient and restrict ASIC mining. Tellurium is your merged partner for secure and private transactions.


Tellurium Cryptonote technology ensures our network security and stability, while providing fast and simple transactions worldwide. With the support and contribution of the best developers in the Cryptonote community we ensure to be flexible and specialized with the developing security technologies. 


Our network provides a minimum default transaction mixin of 3, allowing us to bring you private, untraceable and unlikable financial transactions anytime anywhere.


Our community members are cooking 24 hours a day ideas and improving our interfaces to make our users experience as simple and friendly as possible.

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