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BitTube is a revolutionary video platform in which publishers can make money with their content, without ads. How is that possible? Simple: BitTube integrates a cryptocurrency ecosystem, where new coins are generated directly by users watching videos. With this innovation, distribution of revenue is much more fair, transparent and equitable for all. Moreover, BitTube relies on a peer-to-peer distributed network, called IPFS, for hosting and distributing videos: this way, BitTube helps people worldwide exercise their right to free speech and avoiding censorship.


0.095 USD

1.5E-5 BTC


207,516 USD

31.8 BTC

Price 24h


33.6 Mh/s

Current hashrate
52 sec ago


52 sec ago
Tube miners last 7 days

Tube mining pools

Please support smaller pools. Mine at small pool is better for the network (decentralization).

Pool name Miners Hashrate Mh/s % Status Last check 1 2.7E-5
Error 2 min ago
Semipool 1 5.4E-5
Active 27 min ago 1 0.0058
Error 2 min ago
Fairhash 23 0.11
Active 18 min ago
Herominers 28 2.9
Active 27 min ago 417 3.41
Active 12 min ago
Cryptoknight 518 5.88
Active 3 min ago
Miner Rocks 911 14.8
Active 27 min ago

Tube markets

Name Pair 24h TUBE 24h USD % Last check
Livecoin Livecoin TUBE/ETH 60.6 5.21
3 hour ago
Livecoin Livecoin TUBE/USD 215 18.4
3 hour ago
CREX24 CREX24 TUBE/BTC 863 70.4
11 hour ago
Livecoin Livecoin TUBE/BTC 6,059 506
3 hour ago
TradeOgre TradeOgre TUBE/BTC 176,377 16,619
2 hour ago
Bittrex Bittrex TUBE/BTC 1,005,501 95,134
2 hour ago
Upbit Upbit TUBE/BTC 1,005,501 95,147
2 hour ago
Tube average hashrate per miner