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Coin specifically designed for use in Video Games. VideoGamesCoin is unique coin designed to bring the power of blockchain to Video Games. Users can buy or trade assets in video games using this technology.

Baikal N240 240,000 h/s Baikal N70 70,000 h/s Baikal N plus 40,000 h/s Baikal Giant N 20,000 h/s AMD Vega56 2,000 h/s AMD Vega64 2,000 h/s

Video Games mining pools

Pool name Fee % Payout Miners Mh/s % Status Last check 1 1 0 0
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Active 28 min ago Visit pool 0.5 2 2 0.17
Active 4 min ago Visit pool 0.5 1 6 0.49
Active 10 min ago Visit pool
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Video Games markets

Currently unknown. Please visit the Video Games website and find out more.

Video Games details

Ticker: VGC
Name: VideoGamesCoin
Total coins: 100 MILLION VGC
Pre Mined and Allocated for Dev Activities: 20 %
Block time: 120 SECONDS
Decimal Points: 10
Difficulty retarget time: After Every Block
Reward retarget time: After Every Block
Coin Emission Speed Factor: 18 
Coin Difficulty Target: 120
Coin Address Prefix: VEo

VideoGamesCoin (VGC) Project is a privacy-focused cryptocurrency based on CryptoNote protocol originally forked from Bytecoin. VideoGamesCoin Project started as a research project based on Cryptonight algorithm which is the base for ByteCoin and Monero. Our goal is to create state of the art blockchain technology for buying / selling artifacts in Video Games. 

There is no ICO for this coin ever. No seed funding was ever involved. It's a developers self funded community project for the gaming community.

About VideoGamesCoin Technology

CryptoNote is an application layer protocol that powers VideoGamesCoin which is a decentralized privacy-oriented digital currency. CryptoNote currencies are anonymous, and verifies transactions using a traceable ring signature which provides double spending protection.

CryptoNote’s proof-of-work mechanism (Egalitarian proof of work) is actually a voting system where users vote for the right order of transactions, new features in the protocol and honest money supply distribution. During the voting process every participant has equal voting rights. Also there are no hard-coded constants in CryptoNote code. Each network limit such as maximum block size, or minimum fee amount is adjusted based on the historical data of the system. Moreover, the difficulty and the maximum block size are automatically adjusted with each new block.

ByteCoin was the first implementation of the CryptoNote protocol and currently the Monero is currently the most well known of all the CryptoNote-based cryptocurrencies. That's why this project is based on CryptoNote protocol.

AnnouncedOct 2018
Forked from BCN
Block time120 sec
Last reward204
Current height106823
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