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Updated: 8 min ago Status: Active / Not listed
Xcoin (XCOIN)


0.00000005 BTC

49.9 Mh/s




0.00011 BTC

5.12 XCOIN

Last reward



Current Diff
1h AVG Diff
24h AVG Diff
24h AVG Diff
24h AVG Diff
Xcoin Rewards XCOIN 17.7 17.7 17.9 125 536
Revenue BTC 0.00000089 0.00000088 0.00000089 0.0000063 0.000027
Revenue USD $0.01 $0.01 $0.01 $0.071 $0.31
Current Diff
1h AVG Diff
24h AVG Diff
24h AVG Diff
24h AVG Diff
Xcoin XCOIN Blocks 3 3 3 24 104
Rewards XCOIN 15.3 15.3 15.4 123 532
Revenue USD $0.0087 $0.0087 $0.0087 $0.07 $0.3
Xcoin mining pools
Pool Name Merged Fee % Min Pay Miners Mh/s Status 0.1 1 0 0 10 min ago
Dyngepeng 0.1 50 0 0 5 min ago 0.1 1 1 0.039 7 min ago
Currently unknown

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Resistant to bots, resistant to bans. Protecting your privacy, your freedom, and your investment.

AnnouncedJul 2019
Forked from BTCN
Hashing algoCN ASIC
Block time120 sec
Decimal places8
Last reward5.12
Current height337,263
Historical dataJSON
CN18. Aug 2019
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Max supply: 21.000.000
P2P Port: 28388
RPC Port: 28389

What’s the long term plan for Xcoin?

Xcoin is still a very experimental Cryptocurrency based on the CryptoNote technology, and is being improved daily by its developers. If you're a developer and are wanting to help contribute to the Xcoin codebase, checkout our Github Page for more info on contributing.

What does the team intend to do with premined coins?

held a pre-mine of coins. This may seem like a lot, however factoring in costs such as but not limited to, exchange listing fees, seed node hosting, website domains, community bounties, advertising, will be covered by the pre-mine fund to ensure Xcoin runs fast and efficently for the years to come...


Every transaction is secured with robust cryptography, distributed though the global peer-to-peer consensus network.


Xcoin utilizes the cryptographic system to transfer funds without identifying information of each user becoming visible within the blockchain.


Xcoin uses ring signatures to make transactions untraceable, meaning its nearly impossible to use blockchain analysis to determine if funds have been spent.

Limited Supply

No more than 21 million Xcoin will ever exist within the blockchain.

Fast Syncing

Xcoin's peer-to-peer network allows for substantially fast blockchain syncing compared to that of Bitcoin.

ASIC Friendly

Xcoin utilizes the CryptoNight-classic PoW hashing algorithm making it friendly to ASIC, GPU and CPU machines, We encourages decentralized mining.

Low Fees

Xcoin allows anyone to send fast, private transactions anywhere, to anyone around the world for nearly zero-fees.

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TOP XCOIN Mining Devices
Halong DragonMint X2 248,000 h/s
Baikal N240 240,000 h/s
Innosilicon A8 Plus 240,000 h/s
Bitmain Antminer X3 220,000 h/s
Innosilicon A8 160,000 h/s
Halong DragonMint X1 124,000 h/s
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