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XsuByte is a decentralized, anonymous and peer2peer coin created in 2018. Created on his own blockchain, Xsu-Chain, based on CryptoNight (Original) algorithm, is fast, safe and user-friendly. 


Baikal N240 240,000 h/s Baikal N70 70,000 h/s Baikal N plus 40,000 h/s Baikal Giant N 20,000 h/s AMD Vega56 2,000 h/s AMD Vega64 2,000 h/s

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XsuByte markets

Currently unknown. Please visit the XsuByte website and find out more.

XsuByte details

Ticker: XSU
PREMINED SUPPLY: 150,000,000.00 XSU
TOTAL SUPPLY: 1,000,000,000.00 XSU
COIN SALE SUPPLY: 50,000,000.00 XSU
PRICE: 0,00001 BTC
ICO START: 1st January 2019
ICO END: 10th April 2019

XsuByte: p2p, anonymous and decentralized coin

XsuByte is the coin created by people for people. It can be transferred by users with very low costs and at instant speed, allowing them to maintain their anonymity.

For transactions, to see the balance and to check the data you use an external application called WALLET.

XsuByte run on his own blockchain, Xsu-Chain, and every transaction will be written on it. With another app, called BLOCK EXPLORER, is possible control every transaction recorded on the blockchain.

XsuByte has a limited supply: there are only 150,000,000 of coins premined and they will be maximum 1,000,000,000 at the end of mining process. 

Xsu-Chain: our blockchain

Xsu-Chain represents the heart of our work. It is based on the PoW (Proofof-Work) consensus algorithm and uses the Cryptonight (Original) algorithm, already used by coins like Bytecoin, Electroneum, etc.

Thanks to PoW, it is possible to create a secure and trustworthy structure that guarantees users very low costs and instantaneous speed for transactions and recognizes the right reward for the work done to the miners. The role of miners is very important and it is thanks to them that

it is possible to have all these advantages.

The blockchain technology is revolutionary and thanks to XsuByte it will be possible to exploit the full potential of this powerful innovation.

XsuByte Ecosystem

The main goal of XsuByte is to create a real functional and efficient ecosystem. It will allow users to develop dApps (decentralized applications), to interact with each other (messaging programs, social networks, etc.), to share content (video platforms, images, files, etc.), to gain through their activities within the ecosystem, to send and receive money (desktop and mobile wallet) and to keep their resources safe.

To achieve this important goal, we decided to create a fundraiser (ICO) to allow users to participate in advance in our ecosystem and take advantage of exclusive benefits.

AnnouncedJan 2019
Forked from BCN
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CN22. Jan 2019
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