Cryptonote Market Cap: $6,795,209,290 24h Volume: $1,074,005,365 Exchanges: 74 Coins: 100 (55 tradable) Bitcoin BTC $60,466 Monero XMR $339


Cryptocurrency Exchange
Make Sponsored 24h Vol: $10,125,970
Markets: 5
CN Pairs: 12
Type: Centralized

CoinEx Cryptonote Markets

Coin Pair 24h Coins 24h USD Last check
Monero Monero XMR/USDT 14,773 5,022,449 2 hour ago
TurtleCoin TurtleCoin TRTL/USDT 5,535,766,957 3,344,758 2 hour ago
Monero Monero XMR/BTC 3,062 1,040,495 2 hour ago
Monero Monero XMR/BCH 1,575 530,802 2 hour ago
Bytecoin Bytecoin BCN/USDT 112,019,743 101,687 2 hour ago
Bytecoin Bytecoin BCN/BTC 48,545,479 45,753 2 hour ago
Dero Dero DERO/BTC 5,140 17,463 2 hour ago
Dero Dero DERO/USDT 4,249 14,440 2 hour ago
Sumokoin Sumokoin SUMO/USDT 75,337 7,741 2 hour ago

CoinEx details

Founded in December 2017, CoinEx is a global and professional digital coin exchange service provider.

CoinEx core team are from world leading internet and finance companies, including the earliest adopters/professionals of cryptocurrency who boast rich experience in R&D, global operations and services in the industry. With its proprietary trade matching system and excellent user experience, CoinEx is dedicated to building a highly secure, stable and efficient digital coin exchange for global users.

CoinEx now supports multiple languages and are providing global trading services in nearly 100 countries/regions.

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