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The binaries of the Monero CLI were compromised for a short time

Wednesday, November 20, 2019 | Monero

Yesterday a GitHub issue about mismatching hashes coming from this website was opened. A quick investigation found that the binaries of the CLI wallet had been compromised and a malicious version was being served.

The problem was immediately fixed, which means the compromised files were online for a very short amount of time. The binaries are now served from another, safe, source. See the reddit post by core team member binaryfate.

It's strongly recommended to anyone who downloaded the CLI wallet from website between Monday 18th 2:30 AM UTC and 4:30 PM UTC, to check the hashes of their binaries. If they don't match the official ones, delete the files and download them again. Do not run the compromised binaries for any reason.

There are two guides available to help users check the authenticity of their binaries: Verify binaries on Windows (beginner) and Verify binaries on Linux, Mac, or Windows command line (advanced). Signed hashes can be found here:

The situation is being investigated and updates will be provided soon.

Source: The Monero community

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