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RandomSFX: New Safex Cash mining algorithm

Tuesday, November 26, 2019 | Safex Cash

According to the last Safex Devs Update from this Monday, Safex Cash will be mined using a new algorithm. This is a big change that will influence the miners, as well as the rest of the community. 


Safex is The World Marketplace, on the native privacy blockchain. Safex is a protocol for buying and selling goods and services all around the world. Safex blockchain uses POW consensus mechanism. So far it uses CryptoNight v8 mining algorithm, however soon it will be replaced with a new one -  RandomSFX. This algorithm is a version of the RandomX, but ‘’it has unique parameters to set our mining algorithm apart from any other deployments’’, says in the Update. From the same source we found out that ‘’This move will disable hash rental platforms such as nicehash from being able to participate in the mining of Safex Cash which we estimate to be a great step because it gives an even bigger chance for the community to harness the power of the decentralized monetary system according to the S-Curve emission rate.’’


According to the Belgrade Crypto Community, the advantage of this algorithm is its efficiency for CPU mining, and it will bring even more decentralization. Decentralization is initially provided by, mentioned, S distribution curve, which is specially designed to provide more opportunities for the miners that will join later. 


At the first glance, this change looks like not the best for the miners who expected more profit by using their graphic cards, however from the conversation with some of the miners of safex cash, we found out that they are more than happy with this change that will bring even more support to the network.


Safex One click miner will be updated as well, so new miners and miners beginners can earn their first coins. This is a very easy way to mine coins, and needs just a few clicks to use it on your computer.


The hardfork is expected November 29th, approximately 6:00 pm (CEST).


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