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Serbian Blockchain Summit 2.0 - Belgrade

Tuesday, November 26, 2019 | Cryptunit

The 2nd Annual Conference on Blockchain Technology. December 7th 2019 Faculty of Economics, Belgrade, Serbia

Serbian Blockchain Summit is the largest blockchain for business conference in Serbia. Located in the middle of the Balkan peninsula, it is accessible from all parts of the world, as Belgrade has direct flights to most of the world's capitals.

Serbian Blockchain Summit is a must-attend event where blockchain  developers, experts,  leaders and enthusiasts meet to share latest developments, news, as well as promote their accomplishments in front of very diverse audience.

Main Conference Events

Main Blockchain Event - main conference area where most speakers will speak about various blockchain solutions, projects and where panel discussions will take place. It is situated in amphitheatre A1

Blockchain Developer Workshop - Progammer's delight in form of hands-on workshops where they can learn on how to work on several different blockchain platforms, from some basic steps to more advanced programming. 

6 Reasons for visit SBS 2.0

1. Content and quality

We independently select - apart from commercial interest groups - the best speakers and teachers.

2. First in the market with new themes

​You are always up-to-date because we are. We separate the most important updates so you don't have to.

3. Subject-specific strong + focused on practice

New knowledge only becomes really valuable if you can actually use it in real life situations.

4. Increase your added value

We aim for more pleasure and confidence for all our attendees. Your understanding of the industry matters.

5. Quick contact with leaders in industry

Networking with other professionals and specialists? We bring experts and decision makers together.

6. Valued by leaders and specialists

Our attendees are very satisfied with our events and we aim to increase the experience even further with each new event.

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