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Interview with Bitsmax CEO - David Harding

Sunday, December 22, 2019 | Cryptunit

Today our portal has the opportunity to interview the founder of the platform - David Harding (D.H.).

- Tell David, there is a lot of talks around your platform about the revolution in the field of earning on cryptocurrencies, please tell us, what is this revolution about?

D.H. “Fact - cryptocurrencies are a complicated thing, and in fact, if you go outside and start asking passers-by people about the blockchain and currencies, how it all works, not everyone will answer you, but I'm sure everyone has heard about Bitcoin and its price in 2010 ha ha. But our platform solves the problem of cryptocurrency complexity. Everything is very simple, our client makes a deposit for a year, and receives from 2 to 5% per day passively and stably every day throughout the year. ”

- Wow! If i right understand, you and your team do all these courses, follow the market and make deals, exchanges, and so on?

D.H. “That's right, our customers only invest, we do the rest”

-But where does such a huge percentage come from? It can’t be exactly compared with bank interest!

D.H. “I am constantly asked, but in my opinion the answer to it is simply obvious. If you look at the graph of the Bitcoin exchange rate, you will see that it sometimes jumps by 20% per day, so I don’t understand this “wow”. ”

- This is amazing David, who exactly can become an investor?

D.H. “Investments are open to absolutely everyone, absolutely any inhabitant of the planet earth who have smartphone and the Internet can become our company's customer. This is also one of the revolutionary sides of our platform, we do not divide people into nations, countries, states, we give absolutely everyone the opportunity to fulfill their dreams. But I hasten to disappoint you, by typing a certain pool - investments will be closed, so keep up, hehe. “

- Do I understand correctly, David, right now I can take my iphone to go to your platform’s website, make a deposit and receive 5% per day stably?

D.H. “That's right, but the percentage also depends on the amount of investment, the larger the deposit, the greater the interest”

- Is there any minimum entry threshold?

D.H. “10$”

- David, all this sounds too attractive, don't you think so?

D.H. “Yes, this is a problem, many do not believe in such numbers, so we lowered the entry threshold so that anyone can test our platform by investing only $10 and the next day make sure that all this is real. We also plan to open representative offices in 11 countries, in 4 countries representative offices will open in February 2020 ”

- With your enthusiasm and goals, I can only wish you good luck! Thank you for answering our questions!

David Harding - billionaire founder and Winton Group CEO 

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