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Cryptunit Paperdrop Giveaway!

Tuesday, February 18, 2020 | Cryptunit

In order to promote Cryptonote, we will be organizing several "paperdrop" giveaways in the coming period!!!

The idea is to get people more interested in Cryptonote coins, and to learn how to use them.

What are we going to do?

We will choose a random Cryptonote coin, generate a wallet and charge it with about $5 - $10. Then we'll make a paperwallet in our generator. Paper wallet, with mnemonic seed written, we will share on our Twitter profile!

What should you do?

You will find a wallet for the corresponding coin on our wallet page. Install it (unless it's web) and unlock it with mnemonic seed. Whoever does it first - will have access to coins. In order to keep them, you must immediately send them to another address!!! Because it could happen that someone has accessed the wallet at the same time because the seed has been made public!

What will be the contribution to the Cryptonote community?

We hope that we will be able to interest those people who have never used Cryptonote coins. They will learn how to install wallets, how to transfer coins, and how to send to exchange.

If you would like to support this idea, please contact us.

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