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Wownero - No more pool mining!

Sunday, July 4, 2021 | Wownero

On July 4th, Wownero will perform a new hardfork. With this hardfork, public pool mining will no longer be possible.

This release includes Bulletproofs+, Miner Block Header Signing, Vote by Block, many upstream commits from Monero (up to 8a67724), and updated checkpoints.

A mandatory software update ("hard fork") is scheduled for 4th July 2021 at block height 331,170 to activate Miner Block Header Signing, reset difficulty to 100 million, revert back to Monero's difficulty algorithm, and remove dynamic coinbase unlock times (fixed to 288 blocks, around 1 day).

This update will likely kill off public pool mining and make Wownero solo mineable only.

This extreme move is being taken to better promote mining decentralization. Although, private pool mining and botnets are still possible, the hope is they will only make up a fraction of the network. If botnets do become a problem, we will consider taking action in a future release, such as bumping up RandomWOW parameters or tinker with block header signing code.

To solo mine after the fork, all you need to do is run a full node with the following command:

./wownerod --start-mining YOUR-ADDRESS --spendkey SECRET-SPENDKEY --mining-threads NUMBER

You can read more information about mining here: How to Solo Mine

You can find the developer's release note here.


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