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Consider choosing a smaller pool!

Saturday, November 3, 2018 | Cryptunit

Healthy cryptocurrency ecosystem is a strong network with lots of hashpower that is spread out among different players all around the globe. The goal of any POW crypto coin should be to decentralize their hashpower as much as possible.

You can do your part by trying out a smaller pool!

Q: Will I get paid less on a smaller pool?

Generally speaking, you will earn the same. 

For example we will take XMR block reward (~3.6XMR):

When you mine to a pool, you are contributing your hash power to find blocks. Each block that your pool finds rewards that pool with ~3.6 XMR, which are then distributed to those who helped mine that block in proportion to the effort that each miner contributed. If you are on a large pool and your rigs only have 0.1% of the hashpower to that pool, then you will get 0.0036 XMR from each block the pool finds.

If you are mining to a smaller pool where you are contributing 1% of the hashpower, then you will get 0.036 XMR from the block. It may take 10 times longer to find a block on a smaller pool, but your payout would then be 10 times higher, and it would even out.

Luck plays a role. With smaller pools, you can sometimes luck out and find blocks quickly for a time, giving substantially higher payments than you would get from a large pool. Conversely, sometimes luck goes against you and you earn less. But over the course of a week or a month, the amount you earn should be about the same.

Q: Aren't payments less frequent on smaller pools?

Yes. A pool that is finding blocks every 5 minutes will allow you to gather dust into your account quite quickly. A smaller pool has to find a block before you get any payment, and that could take several hours, or in the case of the smallest of pools, even a day or more. It's better to pay attention to the hash rate and your percentage of pool effort, rather than how much you are gaining into your account every minute.

 Taken from Reddit u/__pathfinder__

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