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PluraCoin - Hardfork with rollback

Tuesday, November 13, 2018 | PluraCoin

PluraCoin v.1.6.0 - Hardfork with rollback to block 161170.

This is a mandatory upgrade for exchanges, pool owners and other service providers.


What's new/fixed:

- LWMA-2/3 Difficulty Algorithm by Zawy (zawy12/difficulty-algorithms#3)
- Limits of reorganization depth to mined money unlock window
- Does not reorganize to alternative chain if it lacks at least one transaction from the public chain (51%-attack protection)
- Disallow of merged mining tag in the coinbase transaction
- Stops offline timestamp attacks with Poisson check (thanks to RYO Currency Project)
- DNS checkpoints
- Transaction private key to prove sending
RPC methods to check transaction with its private key or private view key
- Changed block template
- Changed block version to V5
- Various fixes and improvements


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