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Iridium Wallet

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Desktop Windows
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Iridium Wallet details

The iridium project has an advanced GUI wallet that not only focuses on privacy, but also focuses on user experience. Here are just a couple of the features of the GUI.

- Using dependencies QT 5.10.0, libboost, cmake and build-essential
- Available for Linux as appimage, MacOS and Windows.
- Theme light and dark available, rss feed on latest iridium news can be enabled/disabled in preferences (Privacy)
- The wallet daemon can run locally or on a accessible network daemon, settings available on connection preferences.
- Tabs for “Overview”, “Send”, “Transactions”, “Block explorer”, “Contact” and “Mining”.
- Overview tab is a dashboard showing address, balance, latests transactions, network stats,  mining status, and pool stats
- Send tab for sending iridum to adresse (can be multiples).
- Transactions tab show all the transactions with a search function. Can be exported as CVS
- Blockchain tab show all the blocks mined from start and the actual transaction pool. A search function is availaible too.
- Contacts tab is your address book
- Mining tab allow the wallet to mine directly on pools. Pools can be added, deleted and edited and minig policy can be swith to failover and random.

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