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Iridium is a cool but fair little coin. Iridium aims to take advantage of the technology behind CryptoNote by pulling together what the community believes are the best things privacy coins can offer the world.

AMD EPYC 7601 6,500 h/s AMD EPYC 7551 6,450 h/s AMD EPYC 7501 6,400 h/s Intel Xeon Pl 8180 5,100 h/s Intel Xeon 8180 5,000 h/s AMD EPYC 7451 4,860 h/s

Iridium mining pools

Pool name Fee % Payout Miners Mh/s % Status Last check 0.5 10 0 0
Active 25 min ago Visit pool 1.5 10 0 0
Active 13 min ago Visit pool 0.25 10 1 0.00015
Active 13 min ago Visit pool 1.5 10 11 0.0051
Active 22 min ago Visit pool 0.8 5 2 0.013
Active 7 min ago Visit pool
Smartcoinpool 0.4 0.1 14 0.038
Active 16 min ago Visit pool 1.5 10 4 0.042
Active 10 min ago Visit pool 0 1.0E-8 15 0.05
Active 1 min ago Visit pool
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Iridium markets

Currently unknown. Please visit the Iridium website and find out more.

Iridium details

Ticker: IRD
Total coin supply: 25,000,000
Difficulty algorithm: Block-by-block lwma  by Zawy
Difficulty target: 175 seconds
Emission rate: 12,500,000 coins being rewarded in the first year

White paper


Community Focused

We want to grow our community to be one of the best in the world. Without a strong community you can't build trust. Without trust, you can't have a successful cryptocurrency.

Privacy and Anonymity

By default with Iridium, your transactions are untraceable, and your wallet balance is private. Untraceable transactions are achieved using the technology in CryptoNote called ring signatures.

Capped Supply

Iridium is a Proof-Of-Work cryptocurrency with the maximum amount of coins capped at 25 million.

No Premine

With Iridium there was no ICO, pre-mine, token distribution, or any other mechanism for giving an unfair advantage to "founders" of the cryptocurrency.

Iridium Features

- Fully Anonymous Cryptocurrency
- Stable, Global Distribution network backed by one of the largest ISPs in the game
- Fully eCommerce Enabled
- Capable of being used on over 50 million websites via WooCommerce
- Dedicated Development team, fully versed in crypto, eCommerce and big-data.
- Enthusiastic Community - Well maintained Discord and Telegram groups

Use Cases

Iridium has a fairly simple set of use cases compared to many crypto currencies out on the market. There are 4 problems that we look to solve with Iridium.

Fair-Mining Investment

You’re looking for a high-risk and high-reward opportunity with a small market cap coin. You want to use some of your spare GPU/CPU mining power on a coin that still has good returns. You want to mine for a coin that provides a fair-mining opportunity and doesn’t let giant miners push out the small ones.


You need a way to accept crypto as a payment method on your Wordpress or eCommerce store. You need to use a coin with committed and focused development towards an eCommerce solution. You’re not into the idea of centralized payment networks and want to keep support for a coin that is truly anonymous. You’re looking for a coin that has a stable global set of nodes.

Anonymous Transactions

You’re looking for a safe and easy way to transfer value from one person to another. You want to make sure that you have the right support if something goes wrong. You’re probably also looking for a coin that has a web wallet and mobile wallet so that you don’t have to download the blockchain every time.

Extensibility and Involvement

You have skills and talents in development, documentation, writing or design and you’d like to contribute to a community that needs them. You want to support a distributed development concept. Iridium provides a lot of mechanisms for integration with outside technologies. We have a dedicated integration team creating API’s for public  consumption and integration into third-party products. And our dev team brings over 50 years of experience in B2C and B2B technologies. This blockchain is in the real world.

AnnouncedSep 2017
Forked from BCN
Block time175 sec
Last reward33.5
Current height274705
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