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NashCash Mobile Wallet

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NashCash Mobile Wallet details

The NashCash Wallet app is the easiest way to manage, send, or receive NaCa. With a few taps you can send private, fungible money to anyone with an internet connection.


*No data is shared or stored on a server
*Wallet import and creation
*Send & receive through QR or NFC
*Sync speed control
*Custom heights
*Network information
*Key and seed export
*Multiple languages supported
*Actively developed and updated

NashCash is a simple, scalable, and secure cryptocurrency. This wallet is based upon the core team developed, client-side, Neither the publisher, nor other contributors to the NashCash project, are liable for any loss of funds associated with the use of this application. 

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NashCash Wallet

NashCash Wallet

Desktop (Windows, Linux, MacOS)

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