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Blur Network
Blur Network (BLUR)



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Blur Network

Blur Network

The Blur Network (BLUR) is a privacy-focused peer-to-peer network, built upon the premise that privacy is not compatible with centralization. Blur makes use of a private, standalone blockchain in which transaction participants and amounts are hidden, to enable a degree of privacy that is impossible on a transparent ledger, such as Bitcoin.

PredstavljenJul 2018
Forkovano sa XMR
Hashing algoritamCNDynamic
Vreme bloka60 sek
Decimalna mesta12
Trenutna visina1,797,860
Istorijski podaciJSON
CNDynamic04. May 2020
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Total Supply: 9,223,300 BLUR until fixed emission. (Fixed Tail Emission: 2.0 BLUR per block mined.)
Pre-mine: 360,000 BLUR hardcoded into first mined block’s emission (~4% of Total Supply).

The Blur Network has been designed to address the direct threats to privacy and security resulting from specialized mining hardware and centralized mining pools. Miners have turned to these to reduce variance in block reward payouts from mining. Our network views these current solutions as detrimental to decentralization. Centralized pools and limited access to specialized mining hardware place the security of existing networks into the hands of few.

Out of a desire to keep mining hardware accessible to hobbyists, the approach of hardware-specific resistance has arisen. However, this approach limits access to compatible hardware even further. To compound this, resistance to hardware is something of a perpetual cat-and-mouse situation. Instead of subscribing to this philosophy, Blur seeks to build an ecosystem that is inclusive for all mining hardware. This manifests itself as an experiment we are calling The Fractal Multichain, which is planned to feature discretionary and hardware-specific Proofs-of-Work. Each chain will be weighted inversely in value, to a single devices relative hashpower (compared to a CPU).

Private Transactions

Selective transparency allows BLUR to be much more fungible, and censorship-resistant than transparent blockchains. Amounts and participants are obfuscated when sending or receiving BLUR. This means users can decide precisely who may view their transactional information. This is impossible on Bitcoin's network, where anyone can look up addresses and associated balances. Click on the icon above to read a technical paper by Shen Noether from Monero, detailing the RingCT mechanism.

CPU Mining

The Blur Network runs on a custom Proof-of-Work algorithm, called CryptoNight-Dynamic. The algorithm changes dynamically every second five seconds, on average. The calculations required for the algorithm use values directly dependent on: the previous block's hash, the current block's height, and a UNIX timestamp. The resulting algorithm varies dynamically, and unpredictably, between (and within) each block that is mined. Our goal is facilitating CPU-centric mining, devoid of illogical mining pools. Click the icon above, for a technical paper detailing the need for a solution in response to miner centralization.

Trustless Security

The Blur Network seeks to enable individuals to transact in BLUR without the variable of "trust." This is made possible by the CryptoNote Protocol, which employs cryptographic primitives to secure the transactions. Users can generate a keypair, from which addresses are derived, without ever connecting to the internet. This means we cannot and do not control who chooses to use the Blur Network. The Cryptonote Protocol whitepaper can be found by following the hyperlink above and is annotated with commentary from researchers at Monero Research Labs.


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Blur NetworkBlur NetworkBlur NetworkBlur NetworkBlur NetworkBlur NetworkBlur NetworkBlur NetworkBlur NetworkBlur NetworkBlur NetworkBlur NetworkBlur NetworkBlur NetworkBlur Network
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