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Everyone who joins Dinasty of Freedom can freely open his/her shop on the Community Ownership Platform and see products and services with the request of accepting at least a 10% of the cost of his product in Dinastycoin. The platform has been developed tailor-made for the Community of Dinasty of Freedom by a team of programmers participating in the project and continuing to improve it by adding new features.  It is possible to manage both B2C and B2B as well as C2C. From stores selling to the consumer, sharing products with other retailers, directly to your basket. 

PredstavljenDec 2015
Forkovano sa BCN
Hashing algoritamRND X
Vreme bloka120 sek
Decimalna mesta9
Trenutna visina243,466
Istorijski podaciJSON
CN08. Feb 2018
RND X24. Nov 2019
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Ticker: DCY
Total Supply: ~ 2 Billion Coins


First of all we are one of Italian communities and we are working to free up Italians from the slavery that EUR brings. We are not particularly interested in audiences outside Italy since we have enough problems to solve here before.
After +18 months of work we have created a software platform and a market place where Italian merchants can sell and customers can buy products and services.It’s a free platform where people can spend their DCYs. Joining the community people can receive the easyMiner that is a windows gui wrapper for simplewallet and daemon that allow to send and receive DCY manage multiple wallets, connect to our mining pool and start solo mining, all is for Free!!!!

We are not interested in speculative investments of cryptocurrencies.
This is the reason why we never used any other exchanger up to now.
We have started our activity in October 2015 creating our community and in May 2016 we have created Dinastycoin.
In the near future ( ASAP ) we intend to translate in English all our stuff.
Let me repeat that our work is aimed to solve Italian problems due to a corrupted government and politicians and the highest taxes in the world.

Where people kill himself because of failed businesses as a cause of too high taxes or because they lost their job.

This is why we have created Dinasty Of Freedom - as a society to help solve these problems  and free up people from the slavery of taxes and Europe financial oligarchy and also to help them to open their soul and conscience. And overall to help them to became self-determinated and as a consequence  free from the slavery condition created by the system when they were born.

Dinastycoin is one but not only the way we're using to solve some of these problems, working against euro to fall the government. We would like to restore the usage of  the currency to its true original usage, that is money should  be used as an equivalent of goods and services. For this! We don't really need an exchange for trading..

But only sometimes to buy some Bitcoins and then Euro, when is not possible to use Dinastycoin.

We have created a Social cryptocurrency where people have the power... We take decision and move all together.

- We have created a complex and complete software platform where people can take decision and proposition all together.
- We have our personal private Social Network similar to Facebook
- We have our market place
- We have our Mobile web app that allows people to go to the physical shopping and to pay using QRcode...
- We have created a new echosystem mainly as I wrote before for Italian people where everybody is ONE important piece of  a WHOLE

Of course it is open to all! This is  just to tell you which kind of community we are.

Only who knows about the matrix can understand the reason of Dinasty of freedom


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