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Wild Keccak

WKeccak Mining Algo Overview & Stats
Hashrate: 0 GH/s
Coins: 1
Pools: 0
Miners: 0
Device MH/s
Vega56 3.5
Vega64 3.5
1080Ti 3.5
1080 3
480 2
470 2
570 2
580 2
580 8Gb 2

Coins currently using Wild Keccak algo

Coin Hashrate GH/s Miners Pools

Coins previously used this algo

Coin Fork date Current algo

Short info about Wild Keccak algo

In order to make Boolberry; a truly ASIC resistant coin and to remain egalitarian the developers of this coin created and used Wild Keccak hashing algorithm. This is not a variation of CryptoNight but instead a Keccak hybrid and is a memory-hard hashing algorithm. Unlike other randomly changing or chained hash algorithms; Wild Keccak uses external scratchpad.

This hash function is fast and is cryptographically strong. Also since it is scratchpad memory-intensive it is highly ASIC resistant. It doesn’t mean ASIC is not possible for Wild Keccak but it is hard to develop one and at the moment there are no such machines available.

Miners supporting Wild Keccak algo

Miner Supported OS
WildRig Windows, Linux
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