Monero CPU Miner

Cryptonight miner

Supported OS Windows
Supported Devices Intel CPU
Links Github
Supported Algos*
Algo Coins
Cryptonight Lite V718
Cryptonight Heavy8
Cryptonight V85
Cryptonight Turtle18
Cryptonight R4
* only algos of coins shown in Cryptunit are displayed. It is very possible that the miner supports other algorithms. Visit the Miner page to find out more.

Monero CPU Miner details

MCM is Monero (XMR) CPU miner with the best performance. Originally based on xmrig (net and config) with completely rewritten algo from scratch on ASM. On SSE4 (non AES-NI) cpu performance boost up to 50%.


- The best performance.
- SSE4 (non AES-NI) cpu performance boost up to 50%.
- CryptoNight v7 and v8.
- CryptoNight-Lite.
- CryptoNight-Heavy.
- Small Windows executable, without dependencies.
- Official Windows support.
- Support for backup (failover) mining server.
- Keepalived support.
- SSL/TLS support for secure connections to pools.
- Command line options compatible with cpuminer & xmrig.
- Smart automatic [CPU configuration]
- Nicehash support
- Low fee 1%.